Know Your Detox Needs Before You Cleanse

So you’re thinking of doing a cleanse, eh? Looking to rid your insides of the toxin-filled junk you’ve been consuming? We all reach that point every once in awhile. You want to feel better. You want a fresh start for your organs. You want to take back all of those poor food choices. Cleansing is a good idea, as long as you’re smart about it, you know your limits, and you don’t do it too often or go too extreme.

Going from a lifestyle of eating processed meals and fatty meats to a restricted juice cleanse can be tough on the body. And there’s no reason to go that far, especially if this is your first cleanse. If you’re just looking to get cleaned out at a comfortable pace, and avoid going into a grumpy downward spiral while you’re doing it, it’s recommended to eat healthier, and get a good nights’ sleep while you cleanse. You will get the most from whatever cleanse you’re doing. But if all you can do during a cleanse is sticking to the cleanse program itself, you will still reap the benefits.

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Check out the guide below to see the small improvements you can make to your current diet in order to get the most from your cleanse.

If you’re a....meat and processed foods eater

You probably eat three meals a day with some snacks. Because you’re at the lowest end of the spectrum in terms of healthy eating, (I promise I don’t mean to nag, but processed foods are bad, you guys!), you’ll want to start with the mildest cleanse available. It might be in your best interest to try a colon cleanse first. To tweak your diet just a bit, you can go from three meals a day plus snacks down to three meals a day with zero snacks, and it’s still a step in the right direction.

If you’re a...vegetarian (and eggs and dairy eater)

In addition to three regular meals, you can add some raw or organic juice to your eating plan and you’ll get more from your cleanse.

If you’re a...macrobiotic or vegan (no eggs or dairy)

You can consume two to two and a half meals per day in addition to raw or organic juice.

If you’re a...whole foods eater

Congrats on mastering the most difficult food lifestyle there is. Not sure how you do it! But to take your cleanse one step further, you can reduce your food to one meal per day, plus raw or organic juice.

For a better handle on how to strengthen your cleanse and get better results, see the chart below.

You can make your cleanse stronger and more effective by moving up in any column or combination of columns and choosing the next level of diet.

Likewise, if your cleanse becomes too strong, you can move down in any column or combination of columns to soften the effects.

Now go get healthy, and get your fresh start started!

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