Last Minute Gifts for Everyone in Your Family

Uh oh. The holidays just crept up on you, and you still haven’t finished finding gifts for everyone! How does this seem to happen every year? Don’t worry, there’s still time for some last minute shopping. But don’t go wasting your precious time trying to think of what to get for everyone. Here are some gift ideas that are sure to bring a smile to their faces.

For Mom

A cozy night mug is the perfect gift for mom, and one that you can mostly assemble yourself. You’ll need a cute mug, hot cocoa mix (bonus points if you make it yourself), marshmallows, candy canes, cellophane, some ribbon, and a gift tag. Arrange the hot cocoa mix, candy canes, and marshmallows in the jar or mug. Then wrap the whole thing with cellophane and tie it with ribbon, attaching the tag. Voila! A night for mom to relax – right there in a mug.

For Dad

Since Dad is known for his groan-worthy jokes, a funny t-shirt or mug would make the perfect gift for him. Read this article for some funny t-shirt gift ideas. For mugs, head out to Target, Bed, Bath & Beyond, or local knick-knack store to find one. If it features a coffee-related pun, you win 100 Dad Points. Target also carries some athletic team mugs, so if your dad is a big fan, a mug of his team would make a winning gift.

For Your Brother

If you have an older brother, this is easy. Step one: Know your brother’s favorite team. Step two: Find a sweatshirt, hat, or jersey featuring said team (Target and Walmart are good places to look). Congratulations, your work here is done.

If your brother is still too young to have real opinions about sports, he probably just wants to play them himself. For a little boy, you can’t go wrong if you give him a set of wheels. Any kind of wheels will do. A scooter, a skateboard, a longboard; if you’re very ambitious you could give him a whole bike. Don’t go overboard though – your parents might not like it if you give him a car...

For Your Sister

A girl can never have too many scarves. Really, she never can. I live in Texas, where it’s only scarf weather for about 15% of the year, and I still have a closet crammed with about 20 scarves. And you know what? I wouldn’t turn down another one. Your sister would probably love to get a cozy infinity scarf (they’re in this winter). And bonus points to you if you knit it yourself.

If your sister is still thinking more about dolls and princesses than what’s on the pages of Vogue, Calico Critters are a great gift idea. These little forest creature toys are available at Target, and they’re just too cute.

For Your Grandparents

You won’t even have to leave your couch to give this gift to your grandparents. Go to and find a club that your grandparents will like. It could be a cheese club, a cookie club, the “Totally Nuts” club, a coffee and biscotti club, or you can use the Variety Club option to mix and match different clubs from Clubs Galore. Then sign your grandparents up for the club you choose. They’ll get a fun gift from their club every month!

For Your Dog and Cat

Animals are pretty easy to please. To give your dog something festive, try giving him an antler chew toy. Don’t worry! It’s not one of Santa’s reindeer’s antlers. Just a generic antler. You can get them at Target or Petsmart. My dog, for one, absolutely adores them.

For the cat, any toy that involves catnip is a great idea. Your feline friend would probably also appreciate a red laser pointer to play with – and it will be entertaining for you too.

Of course, if all else fails, gift cards are still a great option. Plus, if you’re really not sure what to get someone, giving a gift card lets them decide exactly what they want, and removes the danger that you might get something they don’t want or already have.

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