Leave Siri Alone

We all know Siri. She’s an application in Apple’s IOS that works as an intelligent personal assistant. And she’s not just a deadpan robot that schedules the reminders you request. She can surprise you with some serious sass and silly responses. This morning I grabbed my phone and decided to let Siri know how I was feeling. I told her I was tired. She replied, “That’s fine. As long you’re not doing anything dangerous..” I wasn’t, and I appreciated her concern.

Because she’s such a brilliant feature that Apple acquired, she’s an easy target for mocking. I mean, you can have conversations with her and she can manage your schedule, and she’s not a free-thinking, breathing, human being. That’s badass. This concept was always something reserved for wealthy superheroes and futuristic cartoons. And it’s here. It’s available. It’s real. Flying cars are coming soon, you guys. I can feel it.

The battle of computer systems has long been headlined by Mac vs. PC. At this point I’m not even sure there’s any relevant fuel for this fire, but because it’s so well-known, it continues. The latest move, made by Windows, is an ad that mocks Siri, her animated replies, and how the iPad is no match for the new Dell Tablet.

Check it out:

Well-played, I must say. They even have her saying, “ouch," as if she can feel pain. And in the comparisons they make between the iPad and the Dell Tablet, they’re right. The two are different, and offer different things. But I don’t think this is as much about trying to lure Mac people away from Apple and over to Windows products as it is about entertainment and buzz. The computer world doesn’t seem as divided as it used to be. There are obvious benefits to both brands. I’ve used both myself and don’t feel the need to “pick a side.” But if you find yourself on the Apple side with nothing but love for Siri, you can find her prominently featured in the great selection of Apple products at MacMall. They have the best prices for Apple products around. This is especially true if you pair their deals with one of our MacMall coupon codes.

But really, back to Siri. Siri is hilarious. Can we just take a moment to appreciate the stellar conversation skills the developers have given her?

Whichever side you’re on in this long-standing rivalry (if you feel this rivalry still exists), I think we can admit that she might be the coolest aspect of any Apple product. Oh and by the way, the name “Siri” is Norwegian and it means, “beautiful woman who leads you to victory”. Just so you know.

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