Legal Tips for Valentine's (or any) Weddings

The fine folks at Rocket Lawyer wish all soon-to-be newlyweds all the best for their impending marriage and lives together. They also have some very good advice for them before they tie the knot. If you’re getting ready to walk down the aisle, these tips are worth at least as much consideration as where to take your honeymoon.

  • Get a Prenuptial Agreement – More than just divorce protection, this enables both partners to take stock of their finances and plan for the future accordingly.

  • Decide on your married names beforehand – Choose whether or not you want to share the same last name, keep your current names, or hyphenate. Promptly notify everyone you do business with of any name change and replace or update all identification and documents.

  • Get contracts from all wedding vendors – Heaven forbid your place settings don’t show up, but at least you’ll be on firm legal footing if you choose to sue the pants off the culprit.

  • Have your wedding insured – Wedding event spaces usually require you to release them from responsibility in case an accident occurs. Liability insurance will protect you in case one of your elderly guests should have an unfortunate break-dancing mishap.

  • Make sure you have a current estate plan – Your new spouse will need to be added to your Will, Living Will, Living Trust, Power of Attorney, or any other family legal documents.
Rocket Lawyer can help you affordably take care of any and all of these legal considerations. Prepare by using a Rocket Lawyer Coupon Code to save money that you can use to start building your nest egg. One more piece of advice for newlyweds: learn to compromise until it hurts.

By: Peter

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