Lenovo Launches Small Revolution

Size matters – especially when it comes to computers. With this in mind, Lenovo recently rolled out three new desktops that sport very small footprints while still packing very big power. While some are predicting that desktop PC’s are facing extinction, the innovators at Lenovo have something else in mind: how can we foster the PC’s evolution? And foster it they did.

Lenovo has stepped up and now leads the industry trend of desktop miniaturization. All three of their new ThinkCenter PC’s were designed to minimize costs and optimize productivity (using 4th generation Intel) processors while maintaining energy efficiency, and affordability.

So without further adieu, here they are:

The ThinkCentre M93p

As Kenovo likes to say, “Tiny is the New Big.” The ThinkCentre M93p boasts big performance while accommodating even the smallest of workspaces. It’s equipped with the latest Intel Core i7 processors and offers and an optional Solid State Hybrid Drive (SSHD) to even further boost performance. It’s light-weight enough that it can even

be mounted to the wall to save additional space. It also comes in a Small Form Factor Pro model with dual graphics and dual hard disk drive support.

The ThinkCentre M93z

This All-in-One PC is designed with business collaboration in mind. It has a with full HD 23-inch LED display with a wide viewing angle, anti-glare and optional 10-point multi-touch screen. Microsoft 1080p Lync qualified VoIP solutions make for crystal-clear conference calls to make working together on presentations, demos and other collaborative projects a breeze.

The ThinkCentre M83

The ThinkCentre M83 provides tower expansion ability while taking up very little space. It’s offfered with up to a fourth-generation Intel Core "Haswell" processor and an optional SSHD for improved performance. Plus, Lenovo’s “Smart Power On” feature allows you to power up the desktop directly from a wired or wireless keyboard, and an “Always On” USB port with RapidCharge technology allows fast charging of connected devices, even when in sleep mode.

“Go Green or Go Home”

These latest ThinkCentre desktops are a testament to  Lenovo’s ongoing commitment to environmental energy efficiency. They’re all ENERGY STAR 5.2 compliant, were awarded both EPEAT and UL Environment Gold ratings, and are Cisco EnergyWise compatible. Lenovo’s Intelligent Cooling engine 3.0 technology helps reduce PC noise and heat emission, extending the life of the PC and keeping them out of landfills.

Besides making computers that are small, fast, and energy efficient, another great thing about Lenovo is that they’re very generous when it comes to special discounts. Lenovo really has come out with three big winners here, so if you’ve been considering stepping up computer wise, you’d be wise to put these at the top of your list.

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By: Peter

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