Light in the Box Vows Cheap Wedding Dresses and Much More

If you’ve heard of Light in the Box, it probably had something to do with their unbeatably priced, cheap wedding dresses. Yes, Light in the Box boasts one of the finest, and largest, collections of affordable wedding dresses, for bride, bridesmaid, and +1 alike. But beyond the wedding hall, Light in the Box has celebration-worthy sales every day that make shopping for everything from kitchen faucets to Android tablets affordable. Here’s what you can look forward to with Light in the Box sales and promotions.

Flash Sales – Get ‘Em While They’re Hot

Light in the Box offers up tons of outfits, accessories, jewelry and more at mark-down prices every day, but these deals are set to expire at an imminent deadline. You can see how much off the original price the flash deal cuts, and also how much longer the deal has left to stay active, whether that’s days, hours, or just a few minutes. Unheard of deals starting at just $.99 are common when it comes to the Light in the Box Flash Sales. They’re not too good to be true, they’re just too hot to last.

Carpe Deal-em

Awards ceremonies, national observance holidays, seasonal transitions – Light in the Box throws special one day only sales in celebration of these calendric phenomena. In honor of Women’s Day, Light in the Box offered deals for up to 40% off on women’s dresses, shoes, and jewelry. Just in time for Oscar season, Light in the Box rolled out their red-carpet worthy Oscar Party catalogue, showcasing dresses up to 65% off. So don’t let these watershed moments pass you by: seize the deal!

A Very Merry Anniversary to You!

Even websites have anniversaries of their inception, and Light in the Box is no different. But instead of expecting gifts from you for their 7th anniversary, Light in the Box is offering you something unbelievable: a bonanza of an anniversary sale between March 14th and 20th.

First, they’re offering a whole clutch of their most popular products at 90% off – wow. Then, in other categories Light in the Box is giving products away for 50 – 75% off the ticket price. Not only that, but many of these products come with free shipping add-ons, and you can apply Light in the Box coupon codes to earn extra cash back. Don’t you wish anniversaries came more than once a year?  

Shipping Shape and Bristol Fashion

Here’s where Light in the Box really stands out. They feature many products eligible for Free Shipping, which really saves you cash. Not only that, but Light in the Box has amazing pricing structures that offer savings proportional to how much you end up spending. Let’s say spend between $45 and $95, you automatically get five of those dollars back. If you happen to spend $225 or more, you get a boosted $25 back immediately.

Yes, Light in the Box is unparalleled in its cheap wedding dresses, but now you can take advantage of all these great deals on stuff that’s appropriate year-round. So, are you beginning to see the light?

By: Seth

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