Make Creative Calendars for 2015 with Vistaprint

Creative calendars are a great way to better your bulletin boards, dress up your drab desks, or even refurbish your rundown refrigerator doors. Vistaprint offers five different types of calendars  to help brighten 2015 for you, your employees, and your customers.

Ideas for creative calendars:

Freeze the Date

If you’ve got a big event scheduled for mid- or late-2015, consider designing a “Freeze the Date” calendar from Vistaprint’s magnet calendar option . Give them out for people to stick on their freezers so they won’t miss your big event. See how many attendees these calendars attract.

Encouragement on the Desktop 

Many desk calendars just take up space or hide coffee stains, but they could do more. Get each of your employees or co-workers a calendar to encourage them month-by-month.  is a great tool to help you add text to images. Use group photos and candids from around the office to personalize them. Creative calendars are a great way to kick of the new year with new vigor.

A Year in Your Pocket

Advertising is a must for your business or service, but don’t just throw your money at ads and fliers potential customers just glance at once. Get a year of advertising with pocket calendars. They’re the size of business cards, so you can hand them out easily. Now each time someone looks at the calendar in their wallet, you’re there.

Color-Me-Complete Calendar

At the end of a year, it’s nice to look back and see what you’ve accomplished. Using a poster calendar from Vistaprint and any free coloring image, you can create a coloring calendar for employees or customers to give to their kids. You can find free coloring pages online (like these from Snapfish) or use a version of your logo. Make twelve sections, and anyone can mark the months gone by.

Twelve Steps to a Better You

No, not those twelve steps. Find twelve things you think are interesting DIY projects, new skills, or maybe even just fun facts.  Create an image explaining each one. You can use PicFont or take a screenshot of some stylized text in a word processor. With twelve new things to learn for 2015, you’ve got yourself creative calendars for everyone that will create more creativity.

Those are just a few ideas for creative calendars. Have you got an idea to share? Tell us on the CouponPal Facebook page  or Tweet us  to let us know. Then go create your creative calendars (using a coupon code , of course.)

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