Make Money Selling Your Books Back!

At last, the semester’s over. You’ve been in a self-imposed exile getting ready for finals and now the experience is finally just a bad memory. Or a good one, depending on how you did. Either way, summer’s just around the corner and it’s time to give your brain a break.

Chegg wants and needs you old books even though you don’t. You used them to gain knowledge and now’s the time to use them to put money your pocket. So what’s the best way to do that? One option would be to lug them down to the campus bookstore. Then after waiting in line for an hour behind someone who obviously was too busy cramming to take a shower, you finally make it to the buy-back person only to find out half the books you’ve been holding all that time (and which have given you a lower back-ache) they don’t even want.

There’s a much better, much easier, and much more lucrative way -- sell them to Chegg online. They offer better prices than bookstores, there are no lines and you can do it at your convenience. First, go to their website. Then enter the book(s) ISBN to find out what they’re worth. For those who don’t know, the ISBN is a 10-13 digit number located on the book’s back cover by the barcode. Chegg instantly comes back with a quote, you ship them via UPS, Chegg pays the shipping charges, and when they receive the books, you receive your money. Pretty simple.

You can get paid by Chegg in your choice of either one of two ways: Have the money put into a Serve® from American Express account, which is free to sign up for. You then get a prepaid Serve card that can be used anywhere American Express can. Or, you can have the money put directly into you Chegg account to rent or buy books at a later date for your next round of classes. Either way, there are no monthly fees, no credit checks, no minimum account balance, and no expiration or usage fees.

Of course Chegg does a whole lot more to help students out than just buy back their books. They also rent textbooks, saving you a bundle. Plus, their website has features and communities to make getting an education easier. You can download study guides, get answers from experts, advice from other students, and even help selecting the right courses based on ratings and reviews. Make sure to take advantage of all they have to offer by using Chegg coupon codes.

So what are you waiting for? Gather up those old books before they gather up dust and get some cash for them that you can use to relieve the stress of being so serious for the last 6 months.

By: Peter

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