Making Her Life Easier is the Best Mother’s Day Gift of All

My wife runs a small business out of our home, using her website to sell Stained Glass Suncatchers that she makes herself. She’s also very active on eBay, selling our children’s clothes they’ve outgrown, toys they’ve outgrown or gotten tired of, etc. We both noticed that she spent almost as many hours at the post office doing everything she needed to ship this stuff as she did making and marketing it. Not an efficient way to run a business, huh?

So, what to do? A quick Google about postage and shipping led us to It didn’t take long to realize this was exactly what she needed. It turns out that if you can do it at the post office you can do it with They provide stamps, shipping labels, First Class Mail, Express Mail, Certified Mail, insurance – everything the post office does except that you do it from your computer and print the stuff out yourself. The best part for my wife was that you can even schedule free USPS pick-ups at your door. The other best part that using is WAY cheaper. The other, other best part was that their software automatically imports from eBay.

She had been going to the post office with a little push cart loaded up with boxes at least twice a week, sometimes more. There was always a line and always some sort of snafu with labels, or rates, or weight, or something that made what should have been an hour long visit at the most into  a two hour ordeal. Plus, there was the money she spent on gas going back and forth.

While I was looking at all does, I also noticed another service they provide called PhotoStamps that lets you turn your own images into postage. Now my wife could turn some of her stained glass designs into actual stamps. Kind of like sending an ad flyer that promoted her business every time she mailed something.

I decided these would make perfect Mother’s Day gifts for her and signed up for both of them using and promo codes. True, not very romantic but very useful and functional. As much as I knew should would appreciate it, I’m no fool so I also bought her some roses. Wish me luck, even though I don’t think I’ll need it because my wife’s pretty smart.

By: CouponPal

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