McAfee's Digital Threat Predictions

McAfee Labs has released an overview of the current landscape of digital threats and a prediction for where they will lead in the year to follow. The report may scare you into  seeking out a McAfee promotional code to protect myself against attack in 2013. Here’s a summary of a few things the experts forecast.

Though hacktivism has received some attention, what we have seen is the tip of the iceberg. The cyber-activist group Anonymous has been charged with stealing credit and personal card information and hacking police departments sites, but this is just a start. Anonymous has become a global political organization, and others are sure to follow suite. McAfee sees the Occupy movement going digital and becoming “Cyberoccupiers.”

Advanced hackers have begun to target the lowest level of operating systems of embedded hardware. From cars to medical devices, modern technology relies on processors to operate. If hackers can insert code at the operating system level, they can leverage long-term control over these systems. As McAfee put it, “Controlling hardware is the promised land of sophisticated hackers.”

Bitcoin and other virtual currencies that provide alternatives to traditional money online will be the target of and source of attacks, foresees McAfee. This alternative to cash provides a new target. Electronic currency is traded peer-to-peer and can be embedded with malware. Spam and fake coin schemes also target individuals. Additionally, the “central bank” of Bitcoin was targeted in 2011 wiping out thousands of coins.

As smartphones become more ubiquitous, attackers are looking to exploit vulnerabilities with potential for profit. From premium rate texting to mobile banking data, cybercriminals have plenty to target. Thankfully, you can find McAfee coupons online to help purchase antivirus software providers for mobile security software.

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