Meet the Poler Stuff Napsack: The Best Alternative Gift for Onesie Lovers

Remember how magical the Snuggie was? You could wrap yourself up in that onesie and cuddle on the sofa ‘til your heart’s content. If you’re looking for a holiday gift for the onesie lover in your life, consider the Poler Stuff napsack. It has tons of benefits, making it like the updated, better version of a Snuggie. Read on for the 5 reasons a Poler Stuff napsack makes a rad gift (it’s okay if you just want to buy one for yourself too!).

1. Convertible style

Unlike the boring Snuggie or traditional onesie, the Poler Napsack has multiple ways you can wear it. There are zippers at the shoulders, so you can stick your arms out. If you want to stick your legs out, you can also cinch it at the bottom. You can even hike it up to your waist to wear it like a puffy coat. It’s basically like a jacket and sleeping bag rolled into one!  Plus, the napsack can easily fit into your luggage - in a compression sack, it can shrink down to just 8” x 10”, making it super portable!

2. Ideal for multiple activities

The list of places you can wear your napsack is endless. The napsack is ideal for camping or for skiing or snowboarding trips. For surfers, it’s perfect for snuggling into after spending hours in the cold ocean. Heading to an outdoor music festival? The napsack can keep you warm and comfortable by helping bring your core temperature back to normal. Even if you’re not venturing outdoors, the napsack is great for just hanging out around the house in the cold winter months.

3. Can fit phone and earbuds

Not one to leave your tech behind? The napsack comes with a chest pocket that will perfectly fit your smartphone, and there’s also a pass-through hole for your headphones or earbuds to run internally through the napsack. So, you never have to worry about misplacing your phone or headphones when you’re wearing your napsack!

4. Made in multiple colors

Just because you’re comfortable, doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish too! Poler Stuff offers several different colored napsacks, including orange, black, blue, and green. There’s also 2 really fun color-blocked versions in black and green or black and orange. For something a little bit more unique, check out the patterned ones in a floral print or camo. So, if you’re buying one as a gift, there are plenty of options! They also range in size from small to x-large, so you don’t have to worry about finding a size that works.

5. Free shipping

Poler Stuff provides lots of great deals on their products, including free shipping on all orders over $100! Since the napsacks run around $130, you can snag no-cost shipping when you order one. You’ll appreciate the savings, and the recipient of the napsack will be totally stoked with their gift!

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