Mom Grows a Very Small Business From Home

For the past few years, my sister-in-law has been running a small business out of her home, using a website to sell her handmade jewelry. Things were going well and sales kept growing, so she wanted to expand by adding a brick-and-mortar store to her online store. Actually, it’s a very small shop, almost like a kiosk, sandwiched between a coffee shop and a nail salon, but whatever – jewelry doesn’t take up a lot of space, right? Anyway, she wanted me to help her out, so I said “Sure.”

This was, needless to say, a big deal. It meant getting a small business loan and / or investors, setting up accounts with suppliers, etc. Up until now, she had just been operating under a DBA and using her standard checking account for everything. Expanding also meant hiring employees and incorporating, and raised a whole lot of related legal and starting-and-running-a-business questions.

The biggest question was, what was the best way to do all this and keep the costs WAY down? I started off by checking out the U.S. Small Business Administration’s site, SBA.GOV.

They had lots of great info, tips and “must dos” about creating a business plan, a business structure, taxes, etc. Now all I had to do was to put all this information into action.

Last year, my wife and I had done our living will for free with Rocket Lawyer and I remembered they had tons of free business forms too, so I that’s where I went. I was able to download everything I needed to get her business off the ground. Great. Moving on...

Once we got all that legal stuff done, it was time to address some nuts-and bolts needs, for instance new customized company business checks and the like. We agreed that an arty business needs arty checks, so where could we get those made? Hmm. I had once ordered personal checks for my wife’s birthday featuring cats from Checks Unlimited, and they turned out great. Well, if you like cats they did.

So, again sticking with what worked before, I looked to see if they also did business checks. They did, on their sister business products website. Not only did we get her custom designed checks from there, we also got matching address labels, envelopes, registers, desk sets, deposit slips, deposit security bags, and pretty much everything else we needed to outfit her small office.

We were able to do this all online and got a great price using some good ol’ Checks Unlimited Coupon Codes too. Hey, they’re available, so why not use them to save some money? Kinda stupid not to. It’s also kind of stupid to have cats on your checks, but I love my wife so I’ve never told her that. Yet.

By: Peter

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