My New HP Envy

It happens to everyone – my laptop computer of nearly a decade became unbearably obsolete. Reluctantly, I recently bit-the-bullet and went online to purchase a replacement. I am not tech-savvy, and the sorting through the multitude of computers seemed like a daunting task. I started asking friends what would be easiest and best for me, and searching online for the best deals.

One friend suggested I purchase a Macintosh. He insisted they provide the user-friendliest interface. However, I was put off by the prospect of learning a new operating system and their high price tag (starting at over $1000!). I needed something easy to use, familiar, and affordable.

I poured over reviews and came across the HP Envy 14, which had drawn numerous comparisons to the MacBook Pro I had been lead to previously. Reviews praise its fast Intel Core i5 processor, thin (1.16 inch) and light (5.53 pound) design, high definition 14.5 inch monitor, ATI Radeoon 5650 graphics card, and multiple ports. The experts agree that the Envy 14 offers high performance at an affordable cost. Wired Magazine even named it “Computer of the Year” in 2010.

With a computer in mind, the next task-at-hand was to actually complete my purchase. I hate going into a store and hassling with sales-people pushing me in directions that help their bottom line, but do not fit my needs. I opted to head online- convinced I could get what I want and the best deal.

Satisfied with my selection I clicked “Review & Buy,” when I noticed the option to input a HP Coupon Code. I immediately searched for “HP Envy Coupon Codes ” and came across one that knocked nearly a third of the purchase price!

I could not have been more excited when my computer arrived two weeks later. I pulled out the sleek looking computer, turned it on, and have not looked back since. It is such an upgrade over my old machine, and has been a tremendous addition to my life. I would recommend this product to anyone looking to purchase a new laptop computer. 

By: CouponPal

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