Nail It: Get Sizzling Summer Style With The Latest DIY Manicure

Whether you're dressed to kill, geocache, club, craft, or crash the rooftop pool party – nails are the newest accessories that will take your look to the next level. We've teamed up with Sally Beauty Supply to help you get sizzling summer style with the latest sensation – ombre nails. Our easy-to-follow tutorial will give you stylish digits in 7 simple steps. Leave the airbrush and extra add-ons at the salon – all you need are the tools below, a few polishes, and one steady hand.

1. Start by clipping your nails so they're short and workable (seriously there's nothing cute about multicolor claws) with the Terrific Tips Nail Tip Clippers (Online Price $6.49, Sale Price $3.99) that trim tips, naturals, wraps, gels, and even acrylics with precision. 

2. Next up, get down n’dirty and do some heavy duty disinfecting and cleaning with the All Season Curette Under Nail Cleaner (Online Price $8.99, Beauty Club Card Price $7.99), a must have stainless steel tool that cleans cuticles and under the nail debris without harming any precious skin in the preening process.

3. Now you can get filing the fun way – choose either oval, square, or spring’s sharpest silhouette, stiletto and use the ASP Crystal Nail File (Online Price $3.99, Beauty Club Card Price $3.49) to sculpt eye catching shapes – minus the chipping, drilling, and tip splitting that comes with frequent nail parlor visits. Shave down the price and save with a Sally Beauty Supply discount at checkout.

4. Pull up to the nail bed buffer baby with the Design Nail Mambo 3-Way Buffer (Online Price $2.89, Beauty Club Card Price $2.49), perfect for ridding you of rough ridges, preventing peeling, and adding a brilliant high gloss shine to prep your tips and your polish for the smooth n’shiny special effects.

5. It’s painting time! Start by painting the darkest color in a U-shape. Paint on two coats for an extra flossy finish. Go back and fill in any empty spaces with the lighter colors. Wipe off the excess polish and start swirling where the polishes meet. With the summer seaside in mind, we decided to go with a coastal color scheme by Orly Tiara, It's Up To Blue, Sweet Peacock, and Royal Navy (ALL – Online Price $7.19, Beauty Club Card Price $6.49)

6. Perfect your palette and clean up any mistakes with stylist secret weapon – Beauty Secrets Nail Polish Corrector Pen (Online Price $2.99, Beauty Club Card Price $1.99) the pencil with panache known for its acetone filled angled tip, no spill guarantee, and compact quick fix travel size.

7. Seal the deal and blend all your colors together with a final layer of Yellow Stopper Top Coat (Online Price $7.69, Beauty Club Card Price $6.49) to prevent yellowing, breaking, and smudging along with giving your girls the fresh finishing touch. Let it dry for about 10 minutes then get ready to serve up one low commitment, long lasting manicure that will have your fingers doing the catwalking.

By: Stephanie

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