Never Underestimate the Power of Pajamas

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Comfortable attire deserves a defender. You might be thinking, Why would it need a defender? Aren’t yoga pants winning the loungewear game? Well, for every person who chooses to leave the house in whatever the hell they please, there’s a set of judgmental eyes questioning the strange motives / level of professional frustration / depth of depression / number of household cats that person who-left-the-house-in-sweats probably has, just because they didn’t want to be stuck in pants prison for the day.

Is this battle personal for me? You betcha. As a kid, my favorite time of day was ‘the moment I got home from school and could change into my cozies.' Getting out of school-clothes meant settling in, watching my favorite shows, being able to focus better on my homework, having dinner with my family, reading a book, and then getting into bed – the coziest place of all. Essentially, I didn’t need to be anything or anyone I wasn’t once I changed into pajamas. I didn’t need the expensive jeans or the shoes everyone else had. The pressures of the school day melted away with every restrictive layer of normal clothes I swapped with soft, stretchy fabric.

As I got older, the best day of the year was Pajama Day at school. I always thought, ‘We get to wear pajamas during the day?! Judgment-free? SCORE.’ And then high school turned into college, and suddenly it became cool to show up for class looking like you just rolled out of bed. For this precise reason, college was a breeze. Every day was a choice between sweatpants, tracksuits, pajamas, or yoga pants. Because I was always comfortable, my focus was constantly on point.

Now that I’m a full grown adult, paying rent and taxes LIKE A BOSS (do the kids still say that?), I wear my pajamas every single moment I can. I can’t be alone in this, can I? Think about when you turn to your pjs to make things better – after a stressful day at work, when you’re sick with a cold, when you’re miserably nauseous from a hangover, or when you’re emotionally destroyed by a breakup – that’s when you need your jams to brighten your spirits. Or at least, to make life a little less awful.

It’s not like you need any designer duds to be comfortable. With your comfort being priority one, you’ll find that the price you pay for loungewear is totally up to you. You can pay as little or as much as you’d like. There are plenty of great pj options at every price point.

So to every person who doesn’t seem to understand the power of comfort, and to every blog post, magazine article, or condescending book that maintains choosing to wear sweatpants in public is your way of telling the world you’ve “given up,” I say sorry, but you are extremely misinformed. Perhaps pajamas are not socially acceptable at most offices – that I get. However, there are driven, happy, educated, strong, and blissfully in love individuals that simply choose comfort above all else when selecting their daily outfit. Especially if this is their ‘off time.’

Or maybe they just need a little pick-me-up, and their chosen loungewear gives them that. Maybe it improves their overall well-being and mental state, as opposed to decreasing their chances for lifelong success and happiness.

People are generally more pleasant when they’re comfortable. And the people in public wearing their cozies are not judging your choice of regular pants. Hey, if they make you happy – wonderful! That’s all that matters. But if there ever comes a day when you’d like to leave the jeans at home and opt for bottoms with a little more elasticity, know that you are not alone, and the judging looks will not be coming from those of us who wear them proudly on the regular. We’ll be too busy smiling and getting on with our day to notice. Soon you might be too.

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