North Korea and Kobe Bryant Battle in The Smartphone Wars

Watch out Apple, Samsung, Nokia and all the rest – North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un recently sent shock waves through the mobile phone industry when he announced they had produced their own touch-screen mobile phone, dubbed the "Arirang." Most experts agree that the phone is probably made in China and just boxed in North Korea, but to the 18 people in this country of more than 24 million who are allowed Internet access without fear of being shot, the news was met with much fanfare.

So what’s so great about the Arirang? Actual specs of the new “pride of the people” are highly classified, but here’s how North Korea marketing gurus described it:

  • "An application program in Korean style which provides the best convenience to the users while strictly guaranteeing security"
  • "Convenient for its user when that part of the phone is sensitive"
  • "High pixels"

Damn, it has “high pixels?” Can a North Korean ballistic missile capable of striking the U.S. be far behind? However Kim isn’t the only one entering the mobile phone fray. PC giant Lenovo has also committed itself to becoming a dominant player in this highly competitive space. Never one to be upstaged, Lenovo recently flew NBA superstar Kobe Bryant to Manila to unveil their powerful K900 handheld device, which intelligence sources say has no nuclear capability, but still is “a pretty darn impressive piece of hardware.”

When it comes to who will garner more attention for their respective products, Kobe isn’t a headline grabbing, communist dictator who’s a legitimate threat to world peace, but then again, Kim Jon Um can’t dunk. Think Kim could sink a three-pointer with the game on the line? Forget about it. And how many rings does Kim have? Zip and nada. Plus, North Korea doesn’t have discount offers for its products, Lenovo does.

Now as for what the highly touted K900 can do, Lenovo has been much more forthcoming with releasing technical info than the North Koreans:

  • It has a huge, 5.5-inch, 1080p LCD display for color richness and effortless text readability
  • It’s only 6.9mm thick
  • It’s ultra-light
  • Its Intel Atom Z2580 processor makes it super speedy

I neglected to check on how high the K900’s pixels are, but I bet they are very high indeed. Considering Lenovo’s rapid rise to emerge as the leader of the PC world, other mobile makers are undoubtedly paying very close attention to their entry into the mobile universe...and shoring up their defenses accordingly.

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By: Peter

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