North Korea Targets Video Gamers in New Online Danger

As if imaginary bad guys like The Covenant, Bowser, Kane, and Ganondorf weren’t enough of a pain, they’ve now been joined by a real-life counterpart – North Korea. That’s right, a recent article on The Voice of America’s website details how South Korean gamers are falling victim to malware allegedly inserted into free, downloadable video games by their arch-enemy to the north.

South Korean officials believe this malware could then be used in a larger, coordinated cyber attack against financial institutions and infrastructure. It’s happened before – last year, infected games introduced malware to computers that then launched a denial of service attack on the Inchon Airport.

While you personally may not be in North Korea’s cross-hairs, it certainly doesn’t mean you’re not in someone’s, because you are. Every computer user is, for that matter. So, what are security software makers like Kaspersky, Norton, and McAfee doing to help safeguard against this and other types of threats? Plenty.

As we all become more interconnected and more dependant on the “Cloud,” for example, we open ourselves up more attacks, both in variety and in sheer numbers. Infect the Cloud and you can rain poison on the whole world. The bad guys know this, but luckily, so do the good guys.

Symantec, which makes Norton, plans to establish “a cross-industry big data cloud hub” to fight sophisticated malware by gathering and analyzing data from customers and even competing companies. They’ve also realized that with the rise in popularity of iPhones and iPads, Macs have become a much more appealing target than they may have been in the past.

What? You still think you’re invincible because you’re on a Mac? Have a look at this video and your mind will be forever changed:

See? If you’re now in the market for some Mac protection, or PC, get some using a discount. It doesn’t cost that much. Think about the other guy – if you’re infected computer sneezes into the Cloud, the whole world could catch a cold. In any case, DO NOT download free games from Korean websites, unless you want to risk disrupting air travel, and/or you’re a North Korean spy, or you like the idea of being a real-life Bowser.

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By: Peter

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