Norton Antivirus Review

Norton Antivirus for 2014 is the basic level of protection that Symantec offers for keeping malware like viruses and ransomware out of your computer.


  • Simple to use
  • Effective against known and unknown malware
  • Free 24/7 Telephone, Chat and Email support
  • Touch screen ready but easy to use with a mouse


  • Does slow down send/receive for mail a little

Norton Antivirus 2014 Overview

Norton Antivirus is the basic level of protection offered by Symantec for protecting your computer from viruses and malware, with each year bringing a new version. Norton offers three main levels with a host of other computer protection softwares for both Windows and Mac systems, as well as mobile and tablet protection.

Norton Antivirus for the Windows based computer is available for Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and the current Windows 8 version for both 32 and 64 bit computers. Norton Antivirus is a basic computer malware detection and removal program that has antivirus and antispyware protection along with 24/7 support if you encounter problems.

Norton Antivirus uses three systems to detect and protect against infections with a comparison based system, a behavior based system and the common known threats system. The comparison system looks at known programs to compare against so the system knows what a safe and good file is when it checks your system.

The Symantec behavior system called SONAR is a detection system that looks at things your system does for both good and bad programs to determine if something is malicious. Both SONAR and the current version called SONAR 4 does a great job of detecting suspicious files using the way the programs behave.

Norton Antivirus is a smaller program than it was years ago which makes installing and using the program easier and less intrusive on your daily computer use. Symantec has worked hard at not only problems they were known for in the past, but at trying to improve their software in speed and how it works.

One often overlooked feature can be done after you install the software by creating a bootable rescue disc to ensure if things go very bad with an infection you can recover your system. Norton has both detection and removal of malware in mind but if the system can’t remove things automatically they do offer instruction and even full support for difficult problems.

What You'll Get with Norton Antivirus 2014

After making your purchase at the Norton site, you can immediately download and install your protection. During installation of Antivirus the program detects and removes any previous antivirus that conflicts with the operation of Norton Antivirus. Installation is pretty straightforward but on occasion things do get in the way of the program’s ability to install whether it’s viruses or even other programs.

Norton Antivirus includes detection and removal of viruses, spyware, Trojans and other malware but does not include protection against identity theft or email anti-spam protection. Norton Antivirus includes basic protection for email and messaging but does not have more advanced protection like firewall and parental controls.

If problems occur during installation or regular computer use, solutions can include simple automatic removal or repair, a downloadable program that requires running or steps to follow for complete removal. The program offers a variety of choices when it does find something, from automatic removal with a simple warning it did find something, to step by step confirmation for complete control.

Once installed, the Antivirus program offers a complete list of everything it has done and found including installation, detection and removal as well as updates. The help section offers easy understanding of all parts of the program as well as what to do for any problems as well as links to support.

The program offers three main buttons with other links and buttons above and below for menu choices with the main scanning area, the update area and advanced settings for your main choices. You can click on the home button and the main menu will flip around to offer a different way to navigate and find information about the program and past infections.

An interesting page is the Norton Insight that offers a look at every program on your system and the trust level each program has on their database. This is a great look at how Norton has taken a new approach to computer protection and malware detection.

When a system file is infected, the program will compare the file against a database file and use the difference between the clean file in the database and the infected file as a way for the program to change the corrupted file back to a clean version. This allows system files to be cleaned without removing the file which would cause a system to stop working depending on the file that is corrupted.

Other malware is simply removed but even simple removal can be complicated, which is why Norton offers support through their program as well as on their website. Help is available twenty four hours a day by phone and chat for free so you can have questions answered or get the exact answers you need.

Testing Norton Antivirus 2014

In testing, Norton’s Antivirus performs well and scores very high on tests from companies that check malware protection like PassMark and AV-Test, which gave Norton Antivirus very good scores. Norton Antivirus 2014 received an overall score of 71 from PassMark in their antivirus performance testing against four other products, which was the highest overall score.

Testing other ways shows that the program does well against general virus detection and removal such as test files from the website I used to test Norton’s Antivirus. I have also scoured the internet while the antivirus protection was on and was protected in my folly from getting infected numerous times.

Norton Antivirus 2014 does offer a good basic protection and for effective malware and virus detection and removal you can rest assured that your computer is protected. I have tested several different protection suites and Norton is among the best as tested by independent companies as well as an easy to use system for home and business computers.

I really like how the main interface is so simple and easy to navigate and has as an initial setup with basic protection you need, but with a few clicks you can configure the program to your liking. I used Norton Antivirus on both a laptop and a desktop and found no appreciable difference between the systems, but the program does slow email sending and receiving just a little bit.

I highly recommend using a Norton Antivirus coupon to get the best price on a basic level of protection on your computer that includes malware detection and removal as well as support for any problems. 

By: Jeff Gedgaud

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