Norton Internet Security Review

Norton Internet Security includes protection against viruses and malware as well as identity protection, parental controls and a firewall for a more complete security system.


  • Malware protection with lots of extras
  • Complete three way detection of malware
  • Extensive consumer-fed database


  • Does use system resources but not much

Norton Internet Security 2014 Overview

Norton Internet Security is the mid-level computer virus and malware protection software by Symantec for Windows or Mac based computers. The Windows edition of Norton Internet Security is available for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 versions with both 32 bit and 64 bit systems.

Norton Internet Security includes virus and malware detection and removal, firewall protection from hackers, phishing and login protection as well as free 24/7 support. Norton Internet Security is a great system with three ways to detect malware on your computer for complete protection.

Malware, like viruses and Trojans, as well as legitimate programs, have certain behaviors when running or installing and can be used to determine if a program is good or bad. SONAR 4 is now a part of Norton’s antivirus detection that uses program behavior to determine if programs or files are good or malware.

Norton Internet Security also uses known good programs in a database to both detect whether a program or file is good, as well as clean programs and system files if infected. The program can use a known good copy of a system file to compare and clean a necessary part of Windows so you don’t have to restore or reinstall your operating system just to clean an infection.

Norton Internet Security also uses the known infections database to detect viruses and other infections but also offers choices in removal and notification. You can choose the level of removal as well as the indications for how Internet Security keeps you updated on infections and other program features.  

If things go very badly and the program needs more help than an automatic removal can deal with, tech support over the phone or by chat is free and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Tech support can give instructions with how to deal with problems including the installation, detection and removal of malware.

Norton Internet Security 2014 Installation

Norton Internet Security installs with a quick check of your system for necessary files to run the program and then opens in its main three choice menu page with a touch screen-like feel. The buttons are easy to use for a mouse and you have three main areas in the middle of the page for scan options, updates, and advanced settings.

Above and below the main choices are smaller buttons and links to various parts of the program with a neat feature in a revolving page going between menu pages and information pages. Switching to the Performance menu gives you lists of things like the infections and updates for Norton Internet Security, lists of programs on your computer and the database information about them, as well as a Startup Manager.

I have used a program called WinPatrol that watches programs that Windows uses during startup and now Norton includes a similar one that watches what programs are running on your system. Knowing what is running at startup and during use is helpful, but you can also turn these programs off and on with a simple click.

Norton Insights helps you find out if programs are safe and how they are determined safe – like how many users have them on their computers. Network protection including the firewall offer more advanced protection for your computer, which you can customize or leave at its default settings.

Norton Internet Security 2014 Protection

Email protection and spam filtering works well with the junk email being a common part of filtering email that you may not want, but this is not a perfect system. I found a few emails over several weeks that the junk filter tossed into the junk folder. But a simple selection in the drop down menu created a rule to add that email or domain to approved lists.

Identity protection includes password management, blocking sites that are known for phishing, website checks before you enter information and access to Norton Family. Norton Family is a parental control and information control feature that Norton includes free so you can control what information goes out about your family and watch or limit their computer use.

Some of what Norton Internet Security is about includes control, but watching your children’s computer use can be an important part of knowing and preventing problems. Spending too much time on the computer or putting too much information on social networks can be a problem so having positive control gives you the safety your family needs.

Norton Internet Security includes a wide range of features and most are setup automatically with default settings when you first install the program. You can easily tweak and set up things how you want but if you do have problems, tech support is just a phone call or chat away.

If things go very bad, Norton has several methods for getting rid of malicious infections including downloading and running separate programs geared toward a specific problem. You should also create a system recovery disc when you first start using the program on a known good system after you scan your full computer, just in case you need it.

Norton Internet Security offers a lot of protection along with several other features that are great for improving performance and helping your computer run well. Norton Internet Security is a step up from Norton Antivirus and includes several features that are handy for home networks including the parental controls, increased security, and performance tools.

I highly recommend Norton Internet Security for home based computer users who need something more than just a simple solution for internet and computer security. Protect yourself from retail prices with a Norton Internet Security coupon  bringing down the price when you purchase this antivirus software. 

By: Jeff Gedgaud

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