Online Tools for Small Business

Many times it’s the small things that make or break a small business. Sure, a great product or service, marketing, and customer care are essential, but sometimes it’s the little things you overlook that can end up costing you big time.  What’s the saying, “Look after the pennies and the dollars will look after themselves?”

The available tools via the Internet that can make your business efficient and prosperous are growing every day. You’ve heard of probably use many of them already – Google docs, Skype, DropBox, LinkedIn – but what about something so basic, so routine, so part of your day-to-day operation that it escapes you attention? Mail, for instance...

What if you told your boss you could save the company a bundle of money in just a few minutes with just a few key stroke and mouse clicks? We’re guessing you’d get a huge pat on the back at the very least. That’s exactly what can do for you – save you money. Plus, a whole lot more.

So what can do with Everything you can do at the Post Office. Do you know how much you spend on your postage meters? More than likely, much more than you think. does much more than a meter and at less cost – at least 50% less. All you need is a computer and a printer.

If your company does a lot of shipping, then can really help you out. Their Ecommerce Integration automatically imports orders from®, eBay® and more, plus is compatible with most major accounting systems and ecommerce software packages. They allow you to import order information directly from your database into for shipping and can be seamlessly integrated with Quickbooks.

New customers are eligible for a 4 Week No-Risk Trial, so you’ve got a lot to gain with absolutely nothing to lose for trying. Sign up using a discount code and watch those pennies, dimes, and dollars you save grow and grow and grow.

By: Peter

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