Our 5 Favorite Features of Parallels Desktop 8

Since we installed Parallels Desktop 8 around here, it’s almost hard to remember what is was like to work on just a PC, or on just on a Mac. There are so many benefits to being able to do both simultaneously that we will never return to the dark days of “one computer, one system.” After seeing it in action, people in the office were using Parallels coupon codes to score a deal for their home computers. Here are some of the reasons why we’re so sold on Parallels’ latest virtualization software.

1. Ease of Use – Installation of almost any OS onto our Mac was a breeze. The program did virtually all of the thinking for us, finding what it needed to install and then have Windows 8 up and running in about 20 minutes. We also liked how easy keyboard shortcuts were to set up, both for apps and the virtual machines themselves.

2. Gaming – Finally, finally, finally, we can now truly play our favorite PC games on our Macs. Sure, you’ve been able to do that for a while, but now the choppiness and bugginess are a thing of the past. Besides playing smoothly and freeze-free, they also look great (often even better) because you’re able to use the power of your Mac's video card in higher resolution than you would otherwise.

3. Seemless Integration – Just a fancy way of saying that switching back and forth between Mac and Windows apps is simple and works great. Both systems know what the other is up to at all times. When you open a file that was created for and in another operating system, Parallels automatically recognizes it and makes the switch for you.

Try dragging an image from your Mac into an e-mail in Windows 8. When you actually see Parallels handle the switch so quickly and with no problems, you will be blown away. Same holds for switching from a web page in Safari to the same page in Explorer – comes off without a hitch and not even a stutter.

4. Supports Apple’s Retina Display – It’d be a shame not to be able to take advantage of Retina’s higher resolution while running Windows apps, but that is not a problem with Desktop 8. You’ll visually experience things you previously saw on a PC in whole new light. Even something as basic as text looks noticeably better and crisper.

5. Supports Mountain Lion and Windows 8 – Makes sense that Parallels’ latest should support Apple and MS’s latest, and fortunately, it does. This allows it to take advantage of all the best features each system has to offer. For example, Windows 8 Toast Notifications now appear in Mountain Lion’s Notification Center. You can share Bluetooth connections between Windows and Mac devices, and you can even use Mountain Lion gestures in Windows 8 apps.

Honestly, after using Parallels Desktop 8, we’re all kind of embarrassed and kicking ourselves that we didn’t take advantage of combining our Mac and PC forces sooner. But, live and learn, right? So, give Parallels Desktop 8 a whirl. You’ll love it and will never look back.

By: Peter

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