Our Spring Break 2015 Forecast As Told By Memes

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Whether your weather forecast says sunny days or more snow (ugh) for your week off, we’re here to give you the real scoop of how things are going to go down this break. Let these funny spring break memes guide you to the light at the end of the tunnel: Spring Break 2015.

By the end of the first week of the semester, you’ll already be burnt out.


Spring Break 2015 will be as a beacon of light ahead of you, leading you through the darkness of the semester.

You will start counting the days.


Every day will take you one step closer to the glory that is spring break. By the week before break, you’ll be unable to concentrate on anything not spring break-related. 

Some will try to ruin your spring break.


There is a 100% chance that one of your teachers or professors will try to assign something over spring break. Well, the joke’s on them, because no one’s going to do it. Spring break 2015 cannot be ruined.

Others will be more merciful.


Teachers like the one in the spring break meme know what’s up.

Regardless, you’re going to make the decision to ignore all responsibilities.


Whether or not you had good intentions to “get some work done” over break, there’s a 99.9% chance it’s not going to happen.

On the Friday that spring break starts, there is a 100% chance of widespread euphoria.


Just about everybody is going to have the same attitude as the cat in this funny spring break meme.

Whether you’re actually going on a trip or not, the first day of spring break will feel like you’re getting ready to go on an adventure.


The freedom of spring break 2015 will be ahead of you, vast and open like a beautiful meadow, ready for you to fill it with adventure.

There’s a good chance of a few days where you will do absolutely nothing.


And that, as this spring break meme expresses, is a beautiful, beautiful thing.

You may not even leave the house some days.


And you’ll feel amazing.

There is a decent chance the weather will not cooperate.


But you won’t even care, because the glory of spring break is great enough to overcome any obstacle, including snowstorms.

You’ll definitely have at least one Bad Luck friend.


Whether their 21st birthday falls on the last day of spring break like in this spring break meme, or their car breaks down, or they party too hard and break an ankle, bad luck has a good chance of befalling at least one person during spring break 2015. But that’s all part of the fun of it, right?

Before you know it, spring break 2015 will be over and gone.


But it felt like it just started yesterday??!

The Monday after spring break, you’ll feel incredibly abandoned and frustrated.


Why did it all end so quickly? Why can’t we just go back and restart?

You’ll just have to keep on keeping on until summer.

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