Party Planning Tips That Will Make You a Star!

My wife had a question about the etiquette about sending out invitations for a surprise baby shower she was planning for a friend. She asked me and I gave her back my standard answer: “Search for it on the Internet.” Her irritation with me quickly disappeared when she found a whole lot more than just the answer to her question when she stumbled upon the Tiny Prints website.    

Besides answering her question about the invitations (and being able to design and order them with a big discount), the tips on their site basically planned the whole event out for her. She followed their advice on...  

  • What You Should Know About Baby Showers

  • Baby Shower Entertainment

  • What to Feed Your Guests

  • How to Host a Surprise Baby Shower Party

  • Ten Free Baby Shower Games

...and everything fell into place and worked out perfectly. One of the pointers that she hadn’t considered proved invaluable: since it was to be a “surprise” party, she made sure the guests parked away from the house so the mother-to be-wouldn’t figure out what was up.

They also have tips on planning other types of parties and events as well. Their kids birthday party ideas are great:

  • Treasure Hunt – Hide old jewelry, gold coin candy and toy presents all over the house or the backyard.

  • Teddy Bear Party – Have the children all create their own bear masks to wear

  • Knights and Castle – Make a fake draw bridge that you can build with a board and two milk cartons and let the kids to get across an imaginary moat

  • Sports Theme – Use masking tape to make the family room floor into an athletic court.

  • Time Capsule – Create a scrapbook where guests can write a letter, include a picture or design a page for the child to open when they become an adult.

Of course, seeing as how they’re primarily a stationary company, they can supply all of your customized stationary needs for all these types of themes. They also have Personalized Birth Announcements, Business Cards, Christmas Cards, Photo Cards, Religious Invitations, Address Labels, and more. Plus, they have a big selection of gifts to choose from, too.

Bottom line, both my wife and I recommend checking out Tiny Prints before planning any event or party. You’re sure to find them a huge help, just like we did. If you found this article useful, tell your friends who might feel the same by sharing via the links at the top of this page.

By: Peter

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