Please, Help Me, I’m Going To Be an Uncle!

I got the good news about a week ago that my brother and sister-in-law are going to have a baby in about six months.  I wanted to get them something but didn’t have a clue what it should be. My girlfriend suggested I shop at, saying they had tons of great stuff, were very eco-friendly, healthy, safety conscious, community minded, etc. I’m into all that that so I said I’d check it out. She reminded me not to forget to use the coupon code and I could see she was looking a little too happy that I was excited to be buying baby stuff. I told her not to get any ideas. Anyway, so here’s what I ended up doing...

I went to and immediately decided I wanted to be the best uncle in the world. I checked out all their categories: Nursery, Bedding, Gear (that sounded cool), Feeding, Bath & Potty, Health, Toys, Clothes.

After looking over a bunch of stuff I never even knew existed (Did you know they make a humidifier that looks like an elephant?), it hit me: I decided to cover all the bases – I’d buy something useful, something fun, and something educational.

  • My Useful Gift: I thought about getting a breast pump but quickly changed my mind for many reasons. I decided on a car seat with dual cup holders. Get the kid used to riding in style. That’s important.
  • My Fun Gift: A set of Bath Squirters. Six little non-toxic rubbery things shaped like various means of transportation that you can fill up with water and squirt when you’re taking a bath. If I was a baby, I’d love to do that.
  • My Educational Gift: A Multi-Solution Robot Shape Puzzle. Come on – Robots? Shapes? Multi-Solution? This thing is going to help create the next Einstein.

Yes, I realize a baby can’t do puzzles or squirt things yet, but they’ll grow into it. I entered my info and ordered all three, using a coupon code, which ended up saving me big time. I also made a list of what my new niece or nephew is getting for their first birthday. Thanks, I actually had fun shopping on you, it was easy, and I will be back.

By: CouponPal

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