Prep for Finals with Experts...Or Else

You probably already know that Chegg is the best and most economical place to buy, sell or rent textbooks. But you may not know they provide other just as valuable student services. One that you’ll find especially handy this time of year is “Chegg Study Week.” They’re offering free, 24/7 help from their experts in math, science, engineering, business, and more.

You can either type in questions and receive answers, get textbook solutions, or download study guides instantly on SkyDrive. We’re glad to offer discounts on a variety Chegg services, but before you hit up their site, check out these tips on preparing for finals:

  • Talk to the professor or TA – Since they’re creating the exam, they know exactly what’s going to be on it, right? So ask them. Also, get their advice on the best ways you can study for it. You’d be surprised how much info and help a quick office visit with them can get you.

  • Know what material will be covered – Will it be material covered since the last test, or will it be over things you’ve covered throughout the entire semester? Be certain sure so you can focus on what’s most likely to pop up.

  • Look over previous tests you’ve had in the class – This can give you many clues as to what may appear on the final, and what material your professor tends to find important.

  • Join a study group –  Divide and conquer. Break down the course into pieces and let each member create a study guide for each piece. Then share. Getting others’ takes on the material and how they approach it can be a big plus.

  • Consult with previous students – This one is really a must. Who better would know what to expect on the final and tell you how to prep for it than someone who’s already taken the class?

Although over-preparing is possible, it’s highly unlikely. Utilize and exhaust all the resources available to you. There are some great pointers and advice in “A Student's Guide to Surviving Finals Week,” for example. Plus, as you’d expect, itself has an extensive study guide on finals.

So, eat right, get some sleep, try not to stress, and take advantage of “Study Week.” For year round help, use our deal for their “Homework Help Membership.” Above all, try to maintain some perspective – acing or blowing an exam isn’t going to determine your future or anything...right?

By: Peter

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