President's Day Means Golf Day

Ah, an extra day off from work. Time to clean the garage? Maybe fix that leaky faucet? Spend some time with my significant other? If by “significant other” you mean my new TaylorMade Aldila RIP Phenom R1 Driver, then the answer is “H#ll yes!”

I bought it from Golfsmith, and yes, I did use a Golfsmith coupon code to get it. Only way the wife would let me order it. Yeah, right. Anyway, of course I was swinging it minutes after it arrived, but I haven’t got to REALLY see what it can do yet. That’s why President’s Day is so important to me. It should be to all golfers. President’s are known for playing a lot of golf, so heading out to the links is a patriotic duty and shows respect for the office.  Just being a good American.

By the way, Golfsmith is actually having a President’s Day sale, so check them out if you need anything. I used their site to custom build my new driver and couldn’t be happier with it. But, I’m sure I will be happier when I see it adding 30 yards to my drives. That ought to make my friend Bill shut his fat mouth. Don’t get me wrong, I love Bill. I even turned him onto to Golfsmith. It’s pretty much the only place I buy anything anymore. Balls, gloves, clubs, shoes or whatever, their prices are the best. Great selection, too. But you know what feels even better that buying stuff from Golfsmith? Out-driving Bill.

So this President’s Day, stock up or upgrade at Golfsmith (remember to use a promo code), head out to the course, shoot your best round ever, and feel good that you’ve served your country well.

By: Peter

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