Printing a Portrait of A Family Tree

My parents have always been very good to me – after all, they raised me well, put me through college, and gave me life in the first place. Pretty nice gifts, huh? So, seeing how they had an anniversary coming up, I wanted to return those favors and get them something special.

I realized of course that no matter what gift I chose, it wouldn’t compare to what they’d given me, but at least I would try. I wanted it to be something personal and from the heart, and finally decided to get them a portrait of our family tree.

Not wanting to spoil the surprise by asking them for a bunch of info, I started filling in the blanks by researching our family on It was much easier than I thought it would be because their research tools basically access almost all records that exist on anyone. Initially, I signed up using their 14 day free trial, but then became fascinated and hooked by how much I could really discover about our family’s history. I then signed up using a coupon that saved me 40% off new memberships.

I now had all the info I needed. Although does offer printable family trees, I wanted to design my own, so that’s what I did using Adobe’s Photoshop. Here’s how it turned out:

I blanked out the names here for security reasons, but you get the idea. Now I needed to get it printed and framed. I googled around and came across, where I could have it printed on canvas, framed, and then shipped to my parents. And guess what? Lo and behold there was also a coupon for that, which saved me 25%.

I showed my wife what I had done and she loved it. Great – guess what her mom’s getting for her birthday this year? Yep, the same portrait except with my wife’s side of the family filled in. Thanks you (and for helping me create something that I think really is personal and from the heart, and that my parents will treasure.

By: Peter

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