Product Review: The Kes'pon I.D. Stamp

Even though online hacking and security breaches have been getting a lot of (deserved) lip service lately, identity thieves’ preferred method of plying their trade is still rummaging through your trash and piecing together your discarded personal information into a believable, on-paper impersonation.

Now, you can shred every bill and every contract you would otherwise junk, but that takes a lot of time, and if these I.D. thieves are tenacious and resourceful enough, they can reassemble those shreds into intelligible documents. What you need is something that will bury that data under a lot of inky noise. What you need is the Kes'pon I.D. Stamp Roller.

The Kes'pon I.D. Stamp Roller is an unassuming little gadget that would fit nicely in your desk drawer with your pens, or on your desk with your alien figurines. The button on top presses down and activates the stamp mechanism. The stamp does lock when you hear that click, so just make sure you don’t forget to deactivate it before you slip it into your pocket or briefcase.

We tested the product out, and here’s a photo-doc of our experience with it.

1. The packaging

Not too much paper, no superfluous plastic wrapping. Eco-friendly. Not too difficult to open. We like this.

2. Behold the stamp!

Took it out of the packaging, and it’s kind of cute. Who says humans and martians can’t be friends?

3. Preparing the test

We got some of our letterhead to test the I.D. Stamp Roller on. We can’t say anything about the roller just yet, but don’t you just love that color scheme and typeface? Very inviting...

4. Psst. What’s that? We wrote you a letter 

5. To prove a point…with a thick line

This one speaks for itself.

So, as much as we liked our letter to you, we defaced it in order to exemplify just how thorough the Kes'pon ID Stamp Roller is on your documents. It rolls very smoothly with just one hand. As you can see, it doesn’t do so well on covering up white text, but since most of your bank statements and other confidential docs come printed in black that shouldn’t be a problem.

When the roller is dried or run out, just flick the arrowed hatch that pops open the front hood of the Roller, and you can lift the stamp right out. With a Kes'pon stamp refill, you can replenish your handy device and get back to eliminating your identity.

Overall Grade: A.

Available for purchase at Checks Unlimited for only $12.99. A small price to pay to protect your personal information!

By: Seth

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