Product Review: The Stronghold I.D. Wallet

When I heard “Stronghold ID Wallet” a formidable bastion fitted with turretted castles, impenetrable walls made out of adamantium or some other made up element, the promise of ultimate protection, and a contingent of armored horses came to mind. Unfortunately, the Stronghold ID Wallet does not include a personal army or any of these – go figure – but it does block radio-frequency identification (RFID) hackers from stealing information stored on the microchips in your credit card. So, that’s almost as good as a castle. And it is one schnazy piece of pocket candy to boot.

This soft, leather wallet is a tri-folder, and weighs in at around 2” by 3.5” closed with a wingspan of about half a foot – it’s no dainty money clip. Each fold is equipped with a shelf of three pockets for your credit cards and papers of identification, as well as a concealed underside compartment to keep pictures of whatever it is you don’t need others to see. The body of the wallet is divided into two compartments large enough to fit a year’s salary in one dollar bills, as well as an extra copy of the United States Constitution. It is very spacious.

There aren’t any locks attached, the wallet doesn’t open with fingerprint detection software, and it doesn’t get burning hot to the touch when in the hands of a criminal. But it’s super smooth and very attractive. I give it a “B” for aBsolute softness. If leather is your kryptonite, the Stronghold Wallet will make you swoon. You can purchase the Stronghold Wallet online, and keep some extra cash in it with a Checks Unlimited coupon code.

By: Seth

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