Protect Your Cyber Self

Chances are you’ve heard horror stories from someone you know about identity theft. I had heard many but it wasn’t until it personally struck that I decided it was time to get proactive about doing something to stop it. First, someone got a hold of my check card info and used it to buy a $500 watch online. A week later, we get a call saying someone had applied for a credit card using my wife’s SSN and maiden name. That’s when I decided enough is enough.

A quick Google about the subject led me to Lifelock. I read some reviews and they seemed to agree hat these guys were the best at identity theft protection.I signed up for their “LifeLock Ultimate” service. Here’s how it works and what it does. Anytime they detect my info being used to apply for credit, purchases or online transfers, they immediately alert me by email, regular mail, and telephone. They also monitor my existing accounts for unauthorized  or unusual charges, and changes to my personal information.

Besides the peace of mind Lifelock gives me, I also noticed that the amount of junkmail I got went way down. That’s because they automatically removed me from pre-approved credit and other lists. What I really like about their service is that it doesn’t just wait for something to happen, it stops it before it does. They actually scan the web to see if anyone is trying to gather info on me or even trying to buy or sell my information.

You should check out Lifelock’s website for all the details and for some great tips on protecting yourself and how cyber criminals work. It’s good to know they’re on top of things even when I can’t find the time to be checking all my accounts for suspicious activity. Use these Lifelock promo codes to save on your membership because I totally recommend these guys. 

By: Peter

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