Reading Eggs Takes On the Daunting Task of Making Math Fun

Learning to read. For young children, it can be difficult. Reading Eggs makes it fun. Actually, they make it awesome. I don’t remember what it was like for me when I was learning to read. But I do remember how frustrating it was when I got hung up on a word I didn’t know. Reading Eggs has a brilliant remedy for that. They’ve created lesson plans and corresponding books that only include words that the user has learned. With positive reading experiences like that, the reader wants to keep reading and thus, continue learning. And with our Reading Eggs coupon codes, you can continue saving big!

With 120 lessons, interactive games, rewards, and songs, Reading Eggs has become the leader in digital reading lessons for children ages 3-6. For children ages 7-13, there’s Reading Eggspress, which promotes continued development of reading skills.

And in May of this year, Reading Eggs launched a new program called Math Seeds. Math needs some serious help in the fun department, so this is excellent news. For younger kids, math begins with counting. I recall spending weeks in school counting dried beans. I mean, dried beans are cool and all, but I really could’ve gone for interactive games with animation and rewards in the form of golden acorns. 

Math Seeds offers a wide range of structured activities that build mathematical skills over a broad range of number, shape, and measurement topics. Some of the other great features are: a progress dashboard for the parents to access, each child can create their own avatar / online character, and collectible pets! A new pet hatches at the end of every lesson.

Seriously, where was Math Seeds when I was learning fractions and algebra? I would’ve spent hours practicing calculating the value of ‘x’ if I could acquire an animated puppy at the end. I won’t go down the road of saying, “kids today have it so easy,” because it’s really just jaded jealousy. But I will say that traditional lesson plans are just the latest thing that needs to enter the digital age, or they will get left behind like the pencil sharpener.

Math Seeds has secured a spot in the ever-changing world of the internet and has found a brilliant way to meet the needs of its customers. If there’s a way to make learning fun, why would we want students to experience anything less than that? Props to Math Seeds and the incredible minds behind Reading Eggs for making learning fun for kids. Bring on the prodigies. 

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