Save Money & Time By Working Out at Home

It will come as no surprise to you that experts all agree that exercise is an essential part of maintaining good health, and you should try to get at least 30 minutes of physical activity every day. Unfortunately, given our busy schedules, that can be tough to do. Let this list from the experts at the Mayo Clinic on the benefits of exercise help motivate you:

  • Exercise controls weight

  • Exercise combats health conditions and diseases

  • Exercise improves mood

  • Exercise boosts energy

  • Exercise promotes better sleep

  • Exercise puts the spark back into your sex life

  • Exercise can be fun

So, in a nutshell, exercise is good for you, and you know that. But, before you run out and lay out a bunch of money to join a gym, check out these facts we discovered:

  • Average monthly cost of a gym membership – $55

  • Average number of times a gym membership owner will go to the gym every week – 2

  • Average amount of gym membership money that goes to waste from under utilization – $39

  • Percent of people with gym memberships that never use them – 67%

Other stats show that those who do join a gym rarely go for more than three months before giving up, but they still find themselves locked into costly 12 month contracts. There has to be a better way, and there is – Work out at home on a home gym. Consider these benefits:

Money: You not only save money on a gym membership (and the gas it takes to get you there) but your investment in home equipment will continue to serve you in the long-term, and can be used by other family members or roommates.

Schedule: Whenever you want to work out, you can.

Time: You’ll save the drive time to the gym and never have to wait in line for a machine again.

Cleanliness: Not everyone at the gym takes hygiene as seriously as you do. Enough said.

Consistency: With the convenience of being able to work out whenever you want to, you’ll do it more often.

Privacy: No distractions, no one watching you, no interruptions.

As you can see, a home gym makes a lot of sense these days. Bowflex, for example, has lots of great equipment options which are even more affordable when using a discount. Think about it – in the time it takes to drive to a gym and back, you could already have completed your workout at home if you had the equipment. But if you really like the camaraderie of working out with other people, just invite someone over. Maybe even split the cot of your Bowflex with them. Plus, since many home gyms are portable, each of you can share it.

You’ve vowed to get in shape over and over again, but this time, you’re really going to do it. Good for you! Just make sure to do it safely, in a way that makes the best financial sense, and in a way that helps you be able to stick with it.

By: Peter

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