Save Time & Money With These 7 Beauty Hacks

As ladies, society expects so much of us – to be well dressed, made-up, coiffed, and wearing a smile the whole time… and most days I just want to stay in my pajamas! But of course, that’s what weekends are for. For the rest of the week, here are some quick and cheap beauty tricks you can use to make your morning routine faster and easier on your wallet. Most everything you'll need for these tricks you already have, or you can get for cheap at your local drugstore or with a Sally Beauty coupon code.

1. Use Mascara as Eyeliner

Caught in a pinch and don’t have eyeliner? You can use your mascara like liquid eyeliner, and it’s actually super easy. All you need is a liner brush, your mascara, and a mirror. Run the liner brush along the mascara wand, and apply as you normally would. Get the full scoop from Carissa Ferreri here.

2. Make Your Own Nail Polish

A good friend of mine likes to wear really bold colors of eyeshadow – we’re talking electric blue, orange, lime green, royal purple, you name it. And she really rocks them, too. I prefer more subtle colors for my face, but I always loved just looking at her colorful makeup collection, wishing I could use those vibrant colors in some other way.

Now I really wish I had seen this tutorial by Cinya Burton sooner! She shows you how to use regular clear nail polish (get it for cheap from with a Sally Beauty coupon or at and eyeshadow to make your own metallic nail polish. If you have a lot of old eyeshadows, you can even mix colors to create your own.

3. Fix Your Broken Powders

It was such a sad day when you dropped your favorite eyeshadow palette. The once-beautiful cakes broke into a million tiny pieces. Sigh. Now either you’ll have to find a way to use the little broken powder pieces or you’ll have to get a new one. Or, you could fix the old one so you’d never know anything had happened! Sheila Arkee shows you how to use rubbing alcohol (which you can find for cheap at any old drug store) to resuscitate your broken powder cosmetics.

4. Bring Dried-Out Mascara Back to Life

Mascara isn’t cheap! And it’s a real bummer when your mascara dries out and you have to buy a new one. But do you? Well, not if you have some regular saline solution (like what you would use for your contacts). According to Caitlin Corsetti from, all you have to do is add a few drops of saline solution to your old, dried-out mascara. Mix it around a little and it’ll be good as new.

5. DIY French Manicure

Who has the time (or cash) to go get a manicure anyway? You can use this easy rubberband trick to give yourself a French manicure at home. You don’t even need to have steady hands to do it! Inna shows you how in this tutorial from her blog, Paper Raindrops.

6. DIY Matte Nail Polish

Glossy is out and matte is in – at least when it comes to your nails. Also, matte-finish cars look pretty cool, too. Have you seen one? Anyway, you can make a matte top coat for your nails super easily using regular top coat and cornstarch.

First, paint your nails like you normally would. Then mix a little cornstarch with your top coat and paint the mixture over the dried polish like normal. Voila! Matte nails. Alli explains the whole process on the Daily Varnish. You can even try playing around with matte and glossy patterns.

7. One Iron, Different Curls

Different occasions call for different hairstyles. That’s a no-brainer. But not all different hairstyles call for different styling equipment. Here is an easy way to use your curling iron to get three different kinds of curls, from Megan Moore at her blog

Don’t have a curling iron? You can also use a flat iron to make big, bouncy waves. Just twist your hair all the way down and flat iron the whole thing, like this.

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