Saved By the Semi-Annual Sale

Growing up in Yankee territory makes you instinctively embrace the world around you. No, not the world of the New York Yankees, because the Yankees SUCK. I grew up in New England (Red Sox forever), home to Yankee Candle – the number one candle brand in the nation. During my childhood, my house was always filled with the warm scents of apple pie and clean cotton, even when my mom wasn’t baking pies or folding fresh laundry.

Yankee Candle’s rich scents are overwhelmingly delicious, and their 22-oz jar candles have been the only item on my mom’s Christmas/birthday/Mother’s Day wish list for over 20 years. And now that I’m a full-grown adult living on my own, I too crave the home-filling scents of Yankee Candle, almost to the same degree that my mother does.

But here’s the problem. Yankee Candle knows how awesome they are. They are fully aware of it. Just like Ryan Gosling knows exactly how magnificent a specimen he is, YC knows that they have an army of loyal customers that will pay top dollar to make their living rooms smell like Christmas trees all year-round. So recently, they’ve raised their prices, and the 22-oz jars that (in the good ol’ days) used to be available for deals like “2 for $20!” are now almost $30 a pop for one candle.

My wallet was not a fan of this recent development, and as much as I relied on their huge selection of scents to create new blissful memories or relive old ones, I couldn’t keep shopping there. I started checking Amazon to see if they had any better deals. Although some YC scents were listed for a few dollars less than on their site, they weren’t that much less. I was completely ready to boycott the brand I had loved for so long, and then – Christmas came late!

A few days after the start of the new year, Yankee Candle started running their Semi-Annual Sale. Out with the old and in with the new. Most of their holiday scents were on clearance, including TONS of large jar candles for only $13.99!

This is what Semi-Annual Sales are all about – stocking up on the things you’ll always want/need but just doing it for less! I found four scents I wanted my home to smell like for the next few months and immediately added them to my cart. If I hadn’t waited for the Semi-Annual Sale,I would have spent over $100 on candles. That’s not a bill I can justify, but at only $13.99 per candle, $55.96 certainly is.

Before completing my purchase, I checked for any Yankee Candle coupon codes to see if I could bring my total down even more. Unfortunately, my discounts were maxed out by the Semi-Annual Sale, and I was not eligible for more, but I still feel like I came out a winner.

And the great thing about semi-annual sales? There are several throughout the year. So even though this one might be over, you won't need to wait long for the next one to arrive. Just make sure you're signed up for any e-newsletters from your favorite stores, and follow them on social channels as well. 

Oh, Yankee. I almost gave up on you. You almost lost a loyal scent-lover. Looks like we were both saved by the Semi-Annual Sale.

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