Saving Money on Textbooks Makes You Wiser

Yes, college gives you knowledge, but why would you pay more to gain it that you need to? Case in point, buying textbooks as opposed to renting them. Renting them is less expensive, and thus could be argued, is therefore the wiser option. Almost without exception, having more money is better than having less. I suppose one exception would be getting mugged with lots of money on you instead of with little money on you, but I can’t think of many others.

The real point here is that higher education is very costly and students need to figure out ways to save. One simple way is to use a TextbookX coupon code to rent your books rather than spending a fortune on them at the campus bookstore. TextbookX’s rental program has several options when choosing the books you need. They rent by Semester, Quarter, or Summer, depending on the timeframe you require the books, and extensions are available. Simply enter the ISBN, Author, or Title you’re looking for and the rate pops up. In many cases you can actually search by class and university to find out what you need.

When you’re finished with all those tomes of wisdom, you just send ‘em back. TextbookX makes shopping, shipping, and returning easy and dependable. The best part is that you can save hundreds of dollars, if not more – and that’s just per semester. Compounded over the course of your entire education, and you could save enough to buy a car, or other things. Just a suggestion.

Your focus while in school should be on learning, not on worrying about going broke. Here are some other tips on stretching your student dollars to their max. Simple and common sense, yes, but they do work and can easily be overlooked if you’re not careful.

  • Get a free checking and savings account.

  • If you have to have a credit card, make sure you get one with the lowest interest rate possible.

  • Save your spare change a big jar. It will add up quicker than you think.

  • If you choose to consume alcohol, buy the cheap stuff, and/or in bulk.

  • Drink where the specials are.

  • Rent your textbooks!

  • Eat Ramen Noodles. Cliché, yes, but they’re actually pretty tasty.

  • Drink tap water. It’s free.

  • Ditch cable TV. You can watch almost everything on your computer.

  • Try your best not to buy anything without using a coupon. Seriously, there are money-saving coupons available for almost everything you could ever need or want. Trust me on this one.

I saw these tips (and 100 more) at Check it out. They, like us, are into helping you save money. Be smart, study. Be smart, spend wisely. Don’t forget to have some fun along the way. Which saved money helps you have. You get it. Cuz you’re smart.

By: Peter

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