Savings: Worth the Search

I grew up shopping on a budget. I remember going to Big 5 for each seasonal sale to pick up new basketball shoes or baseball cleats. All too often, only a few things were in my price-range, let alone my size.

These days, the Internet makes things a lot easier. With just a little searching, I can find what I want, in my size, at the best price without leaving the house. Take a look at how I bought my latest pair of shoes and saved nearly 50% off full in a matter of minutes.

I’m always looking for something new, and a few weeks back, I noticed a friend wearing some cool shoes I hadn’t seen before – the Teva Mush Frio Lace Canvas. Normally, I avoid buying the same thing as other people, but he lives out of town so I could wear them without running the risk of being a fashion-double.

I started my search by heading straight to the Teva website to get an idea of the price. They were advertised for a reasonable $55, but they didn’t carry my size. Still, I took a quick look for a coupon to see what the price would be and found a “10% Off + Free Shipping” code, bringing the final cost down to $50.

Still, I was convinced I could find them for less decided to continue my search. After all, it’s not like I had to drive from store to store to check inventory and prices. Instead, I turned to one of my favorite tools, went to, and searched “Teva Mush Frio Lace” to see who else carries them.

Google pulled up a ton of results, including a few of the stores I already visited, plus some I hadn’t thought to check. I opened up a few new tabs with the shopping suggestions –,, and to round out my deal hunting.

Sierra Trading Post Again, only one store had my size and color combination in stock – Sierra Trading Post. List price: $31.41, 42% Off, the lowest price I’d seen. On top of that, I found a “Free Shipping” coupon at CouponPal with no restrictions. It took eight stores and almost 30 minutes, but it was worth every penny, and took less time than driving to just one store.

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