Savvy Cyber Kids Gets Kudos for Protecting Kids Online

As a parent, it is your responsibility to ensure your children have a safe cyber-experience from the first day they go online until they’re an adult.

There are lots of tips, software, and resources out there that can educate you and help you do this – so many that it can become overwhelming and even confusing. Fortunately, I discovered Savvy Cyber Kids, who’ve assembled all of them into a simple-to-use, one-stop website full of ways that make any parent breathe much easier every time their child clicks “Log on.”

The mission of Savvy Cyber Kids is to start teaching kids (and parents) safety even before they go online. They do this through videos, picture books, and much more. As a non-profit organization, many of services are provided free simply by registering. Here are some of the resources and services they offer:

  • Online Training Programs that explain the best ways to introduce children to the Internet safely.
  • Visiting Author Programs that expand and augment the Savvy Cyber Kids program with the latest information and additional points of view.
  • Presentations for Parents in live forums where parents are educated while getting the chance to interact and have their questions answered.
  • Train the Teacher Programs in which educators learn how to integrate safe Internet practices into their classroom curriculums.
  • Continuing Education for Training Teachers and Administrators that support state Common Core requirements and preschool programs. These include those accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children.
  • Savvy Cyber Kids at Home books such as “The Family Gets a Computer,” and “The Defeat of The Cyber Bully,” available in hardback, paperback, or Kindle from Amazon and others.

Supporting materials such as lesson plans and activity sheets for these must-have books are offered as free downloads on the Savvy Cyber Kids website, like this one:

You can sign up and schedule a learning session on their site, or by clicking here. In addition to their own website, they also have a wide web presence on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and YouTube.

Check out this great intro video that will show you what Savvy Cyber Kids is all about:

That video was taken from their companion video site, Just by entering your name and email, you get free access to all of their instructional videos, even new ones as they’re produced.

Their lessons are easy to understand, easy to follow, and are a great benefit to anyone who deals with children using the web. They’ve been honored with award after award for their efforts, and it’s no wonder they have partners like McAfee, Ionic Security, Mom Trusted, and others. These organizations don’t ally themselves with someone unless they show excellence and integrity in all they do, and that’s just what Savvy Cyber Kids has done.

Parents have so many duties when it comes to raising their kids: feeding them, clothing them, making sure they get a great education, etc. Savvy Cyber Kids' sole focus is to prepare children to be safe when going online. It therefore makes a lot of sense to make use of their expertise to help you help your kids in an efficient, effective, and time-saving manner.

Take some time to check them out and register. It’s free and you’ll be amazed how simple they’ve made it to protect your children from the threats and dangers they are sure to encounter online at some point. Make sure they’re ready for them.

By: Peter

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