Shopping for Berets and Measuring Heads

Aren’t relationships great? Just when you think you know everything about your partner, you find out something about them that endears them to you even more – or not. Case in point, my wife. Out of the blue, she tells me that she’d like a hat for Xmas, one of those jaunty, Frenchy-Pierre- cap berets. Um, okay, fine – at least I knew what to get her.

I go online and start shopping. It then occurs to me that I have no idea what size to get. If I buy one that’s too big, she thinks that I think she’s a fathead. I buy one too small, she’s suddenly pea-headed. You can see my dilemma. I didn’t want to spoil the surprise of the gift by asking her, so I decided to measure her head while she was sleeping. More about that experience later.

I did some research on head measuring and discovered this video, which was a big help:

Okay, since LightInTheBox made this video, I assumed they would sell hats, so I checked on their site. Sure enough, they do. Plus, tons and tons and tons of other non-head related items. I was glad I came here because this was going to make all of my holiday shopping a breeze. For that matter, all of my gift shopping for any occasion, any time of year. Here’s what I bought:

Deniso-Women's Coffee Knitted Winter Beret

Très chic, oui? I also bought two of these for my son and daughter:

Toukaki - (UK23CS-W) Sapele Concert Ukulele with Gig Bag/Strap

What? You bought a beret and ukes from the same website? Yep. LightInTheBox has an insanely varied selection of products to choose from. You really do have to check it out to believe it. As for their prices? Bargain, bargain, bargain. Even more so when you plug in a LightInTheBox coupon code, of which there are many.

Now, about my Ninja-like attempt to determine the circumference of my wife’s head... I crept into our darkened bedroom, tape measure in hand. After watching her sleep for about a half an hour, she finally rolled into a position that would work. I pounced, successfully collecting the data I needed without waking her and having to explain away my idiocy.

That morning at breakfast, she told me she had the strangest dream last night; she was snorkeling and a squid wrapped its tentacles around her head. I just smiled and said, “Dreams – so mysterious.”

By: Peter

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