Sign Your Tax Return in Style - For Less

Pens matter. Where would we be if Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence in pencil? Fortunately, I got a great Xmas gift from my wife, a Cross Century Sterling Silver Rollerball Pen. Because it was a gift I didn’t ask about the cost, but smart as she is, I’m sure she used a discount code to get it “for less,” hence me using that phrase in the title of this post.

A few months later, and now it’s tax time. I meet with my accountant to sign my return and pull out my new pen. “Is that a Cross Sterling?”, he asked, almost grabbing it from my hand. Then he showed me a very nice pen of his own (from another company) and we compared them - writing, weight, balance, etc. Mine was better. He commented that he had trouble with his refill cartridges and I scoffed, saying popping mine in and out was a breeze. I also mentioned that mine came with a lifetime guarantee and in a really cool gift box. His eyes flashed with anger and I decided to tone down the rhetoric before things got out of hand. emotional.

I love this pen! I wear it now almost everywhere I go. Clipping it to my pocket is as automatic as slipping on my wedding ring before I walk out the door. Hardly a day passes without someone being impressed by it. It’s like a nice piece of jewelry as much as it is a beautifully functioning writing tool. Kind of like an executive accessory or conference room bling. You have a nice watch, nice suits, why not show off your style with a gourmet pen? It says class, power, and shows an appreciation for the finer things in life. You wouldn’t present yourself at an important meeting in a t-shirt and shorts, why present yourself holding a cheap plastic pen?

Whenever I have to sign a credit card receipt, I now whip out my own pen. I’m not a germaphobe but still, I know where my pen has been and who’s been touching it. Someone asked whether I was afraid of losing such an expensive pen and this made me go to the Cross website to see how much it really was worth; very reasonable, considering what it is. Then I spent an hour looking at all their other pens: fountain, rollerball, ballpoints, combo pen and pencils, porous point... I bought a leather pen holder for my guy and also some refills. I spotted a great graduation gift for my niece, a Masquerade Raven Black Ballpoint that has like a Paisley thing going on. Seemed fashionable to me.

Back to my meeting with my accountant. After prying my pen from his fingers, I signed my tax return. Somehow, armed with this mighty silver pen, I got the feeling I was almost daring the IRS to audit me. How could you possibly contest a return that was obviously signed with such elegance? Plus, maybe the person looking at your return is a fine pen aficionado and notices. I’m not suggesting you’ll get a larger refund, but if they spot any red flags, maybe, just  maybe, they’ll just happen to “overlook” them. You never know.


By: Peter

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