Single? These 12 Funny Valentine’s Day Memes Are Your Life

Yup, it’s that time of year again – Valentine’s Day. The supermarket aisles are full of heart-shaped boxes of chocolate and over-the-top cards, and florists everywhere are scrambling to make sure they have enough red roses to satisfy the demand. But if you’re single this Valentine’s Day, don’t get down on yourself. At least get a laugh from these hilarious Valentines Day memes.

1. At first you’re indignant.


It seems like everyone is pairing up for Valentine’s day...this is obviously some kind of conspiracy.

2. Then you act nonchalant about it.


What, Valentine’s Day? Oh yes, that’s coming up isn’t it. Just like this funny Valentines Day meme says, ain’t nobody got time for that.

3. You finally resort to sarcasm.


In the days leading up to Valentine’s Day, with everyone bugging you about whether or not you have a date, you’re inevitably going to crack at some point. Your best bet might be just making a shirt out of this funny Valentine’s meme and wearing it around so you don’t have to answer any questions.

4. You start the day off loud and proud.


You’re single and lovin’ it! Who cares about Valentine’s Day! You’re flying solo and you’re pretty jazzed about it.

5. Meanwhile, other people’s Valentine’s Day antics are making you feel pretty good about yourself.


Hey, you may not have an SO, but at least that means you’re not stuck with a crazy person, like the Overly Attached Girlfriend in this Valentine’s Day meme.

6. But your good attitude doesn’t last long.


Stupid Valentine’s Day, it's the actual worst.

7. You try to keep your cool.


But honestly, everyone can hear the bitterness in your voice, so maybe it’s not worth hiding it anymore.

8. Even get some work done.


Since you won’t be wasting your time on any Valentine’s Day nonsense, may as well get done with all that work you’ve been putting off. Just make sure to cover your tracks like the creator of this awkward Valentines meme.

9. But the evening will inevitably find you in a bad state…


At least buying yourself a few stiff drinks, or a bottle to share with your roommate at home, is considerably cheaper than a dinner date. And yet…

10. Finally, you get real and cut your losses.


You really did save a chunk of change today, so you’ve go that going for you, which is nice. The Geico gecko from this funny Valentine’s Day meme would be proud.

11. You even have some things to look forward to.


Know what you can spend all that money you saved on? CHOCOLATE! Tomorrow it will all be on sale, and you’re in the perfect position to benefit and eat all the chocolate your heart desires. You’re not trying to impress anyone, anyway.

12. Then the truth comes out…


When you hear about how your friends’ dates went, you’ll discover the truth about Valentine’s Day. Everyone’s stressed out and has a rough day. So treat yourself to some discount chocolate, and consider yourself off the hook until next year!

By: CouponPal

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