Six 2014 Spring Fashion Trends You Can Find at Luisaviaroma

Spring is in the air and fashion is on the racks. Dior has decreed, Armani has awed, and Kors has catalogued. The influence the 2014 spring fashion trends exerts on no-name to designer brands will soon be felt. It’s not too late to sync your wardrobe with the season, especially if you shop at Luisaviaroma. Here’s what you should be looking for.

1. Dress Inside the Box

If there’s anything we learned from the most recent fashion weeks it’s not to knock the box. Baggy, cropped, loud-patterned jackets are in vogue, and this one fits all the descriptors. They’re suitable for layering, but, like our model does here, can be manipulated to make the centerpiece of your outfit.  

2. Double the Fun with the Double-Breasted Blazer

One of the more prominent 2014 spring fashion trends that will affect men, and women for that matter, is the return to the classic, corporate style double-breasted blazer. These were especially hip in the ‘30s, went into a kind of trend latency, then became popular during the Wall Street boom of the ‘80s. Lanvin’s has a wartime air to it with such a palpably rough design. It’s a touch pricey, but with a Luisaviaroma promo code and your new stockbroker job, you’ll make the cash back in no time.  

3. The White Collar Craze 

Speaking of classics, few pieces have stood the test of time as nobly and vibrantly as the white collar. The standard of the design repertoire, the white collar has achieved universal placement, and this spring every major designer has spun their own reinterpretation on it. This elegant cotton poplin is cut to flowing, provincial dimensions, and topped off with the less conventional stand collar, but the effect is completely mod.  

4. Flower Power

It may not be the freewheeling ‘60s or decadent ‘70s anymore, but floral is making a comeback. The bursts of earth and natural colors, heavily saturated or washed out, make for eye-pleasing body decor, and can be integrated seamlessly into subdued outfits. This MSGM muslin button down balances heavy, nighttime blacks with vibrant botanical pinks and blues.

5. It’s a Wide Wide Wide Wide Leg

We’re not talking exclusively mom jeans here. Linen, cotton, denim, wool, a twill, silk – let the wide, roomy pants drape your legs for the quintessentially chic look. And these aren’t just for vertically-advantaged supermodels: find a pair that sits higher on your waist and tapers into the leg more to compensate for stature. These ETRO crepe de chine satisfy the width requirements, but also delightfully incorporate floral themes as well – killing two birds with one set of stems.


6. Written in Watercolors

A close cousin to the floral pattern, the watercolor theme is a bold statement that plays in harmony with many other muted or subtler tones. This species of pattern consists of swirling, nebulous, entrancing splotches of color, and almost otherworldly charm. If you’re looking to attract attention to your lower (possibly better) half, go for something like Uniforms for the Dedicated’s cotton twill trousers, that could double as a Rorschach inkblot test.

The weather is finally relenting, and you’ll soon be able to ride 2014’s spring fashion trends like a pro. There’s no place like Luisaviaroma that has tons of designer brands in stock – so take advantage while supplies last. 

By: Seth

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