Snow Report Looks Good! Book That Last Minute Ski Trip!

Finally, some snow! I knew that lots of other people would now be heading for the mountains too, and it might be tough booking a room at the last minute, but was determined to try.

We had been to the Big Bear resort many times, but wanted to try out the nearby Snow Summit resort this time, which I had heard was better for families that wanted to ski instead of snowboard. I have tried boarding and I know you have to fall 300 times before you get it. I fell 230 and said “To heck with this, where are my skis?” Anyway…I googled “Snow Summit Hotels” and the first result that came up was, so I clicked it. 73 hotels came up so I decided to let do some homework for me and narrowed the results by checking these boxes:

This narrowed it down to this one:

Okay, but before booking it, I wanted to see if good ol’ CouponPal had any discount codes I could plug in. They did, which saved me 10%. Excellent.

While I was on their site, I decided to see if they had any Best Western deals that could save me even more. Worth a shot, right? I’m glad I checked because I then discovered I could get a 10% AAA discount.

In less than a minute and with just a few mouse clicks, I saved myself enough to basically pay for the gas that it would take to get us there and back. Okay, time to book the room. I entered my info, my discount code and was booked in less than 2 minutes. Seriously, it was that quick and easy.


Got back safe and sound last night. By going mid-week, we owned the place. The hotel was great, and we all had free Eggs Benedict for breakfast. I found out that I can no longer ski as fast as my kids, who informed me they want to stay at the same hotel next time and take snowboarding lessons. I told them you have to fall 300 times before you get it and they said “So what?” Oh, to be young.

By: Peter

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