Stop the Spam!

When you check your e-mailbox do you find yourself wading through unsolicited bulk messages to get to your pertinent messages? Do special offers for Viagra, romantic encounters, and long-lost fortunes outnumber correspondence with friends, family, and colleagues? If so, you need to put an end to the spam by using a Kaspersky coupon to get the latest anti-spam software.

Spammers send out mass messages in hopes that just a few recipients will respond to their offers. These unsolicited messages come from anonymous senders and have become increasingly advanced in their methodology to evade traditional anti-spam filters. Today, software developers battle the newest techniques employed by spammers to keep your mailbox clean. Clean up your mailbox by purchasing the newest anti-spam software with a Kaspersky promo code, and take these steps keep it clutter free in the future.

Email addresses are free. Take advantage of this and sign up for more than one account. Use your primary account for personal correspondence, and the other for subscribing to mailing lists, registering at websites, and other activities online. Though your secondary account may be filled with newsletters and offers, it will help keep your private box clean. When the clutter of the secondary account becomes too much to take, open a new account and start again.

Do not click on or respond to spam messages. Spammers view all of these activities as a success- that you opened and acknowledged their message. Even “unsubscribe” options can be used to falsely collect your information and share it with other spammers. You are best served to mark errant messages as spam within your email providers system, and block them using anti-spam software.

Lastly, guard your personal email address. If you use your account to sign up for newsletters, post it on a resume online, and otherwise distribute it on the Internet- it will come back to you. If you have to share your email address online, disguise it in a fashion that web-crawlers struggle to detect. For example, it is much more difficult to pull email addresses expressed as jon(dot)doe(at)emailprovider(dot)com then

Even if you take precautions to keep your mailbox spam free – the odds are that your email address will get out eventually. Thankfully with one of our Kaspersky deals you can get a full-function spam-stopper for a low cost, saving you money now and hassle later.

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