Stuck for Gift Ideas? Self-Discovery Makes The Best Gift of All

My parents, having worked hard all of their lives, now have almost everything they need or want. They deserve it. But, that makes choosing gifts for them almost impossible. So, I put my mind to work...

I’ve noticed that when we all get together, they’ve been increasingly telling my children (their grandkids) about their own childhoods and their family histories. The kids are fascinated, and with good reason. They have great stories, full of love, adventure, and even danger. I think this is wonderful – it helps to know where you’re going if you know where you’ve been, right?

I realized that some of the facts have become lost or distorted over the years, so our big family picture is incomplete. That’s when it hit me – the perfect gift idea would be to let them fill in those blanks by giving them a membership to

After taking advantage of an coupon code, (smart shopping runs in our genes) I did, and they loved it. Of course, now they fight for computer time to trace their respective sides of our families’ roots, but no gift is perfect. Here’s just some of what the membership includes to build your family tree and trace its roots:

  • Access billions of historical records from the U.S.
  • Access more than 1 billion historical records from other countries
  • Hints to guide you through you research
  • DNA tests

Here’s the link for Gift Memberships, and check out this video on how to get started on

One of the best features is that my parents are able to share what they do with us, so my kids are able to discover more about themselves and participate at the same time grandpa and grandma are. They even email and berate them for more updates, which actually makes my parents very happy. My wife and I, too. It feels good to see all the generations of our family connecting this way.

Yes, it may sound overly-sentimental and sweet, but has brought our family closer together. So, to me, that makes it an invaluable gift indeed. Best one I ever gave.

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By: Peter

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