Summer Break Means Party...And That You’ll Soon Be Needing Fall Textbooks

While studying and partying almost never go hand in hand (but people will never tire of trying), there are ways to maximize both while staying safe and not going broke getting an education. The people at CengageBrain, who provide a “premier destination for purchasing textbooks, eBooks, eChapters, digital solutions, study tools, and textbook rentals at a significant discount,” actually do a lot more to help students out than just that. If you’re unfamiliar with CengageBrain, peep this video:

CengageBrain’s website is a great resource for all kind of things education related, including Study Tools, Career Resources, Research Tools, and more. Another benefit is that if you register with CengageBrain (which is free), you get access to free content that “will help you get a better grade while reducing your study time,“ and exclusive discounts and promotions.

Plus, they’re always posting articles and linking to other sites that contain very helpful info designed to make any student’s life easier and better. I wish I would’ve read one of them about hazards to avoid over summer break a few years ago. The following advice contained in it would’ve done me a world of good.

  • Avoid sun damage (I burn easily)

  • Drive more cautiously (A bicyclist ran a stop sign and dented by door)

  • Don’t drink too much (No comment)

  • Keep things you want to remain private off Facebook (Again, no comment)

  • Stay hydrated (This means with water)

  • Be frugal with your money (You’re gonna need it come Fall)

Good advice, right? About that last one, if you do find yourself squeezed for cash when Fall Semester comes up, CengageBrain can help you out with more than just advice. They offer some really generous discounts designed to ease your financial pain. Make sure to take advantage of them when you head back to school. But until then, PARTY! – responsibly and safely, of course.

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By: Peter

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