Tablet vs Laptop? 5 Reasons To Go Tablet

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When your current laptop inevitably dies, as one day it must, you’ll be faced with the question of this age: Laptop, or tablet? There are pros and cons to both devices, but I’m here to tell you why you should go with the tablet option. Besides making you look way cooler when you use it, here are 5 good reasons that when it comes to the tablet vs laptop debate, you should side with tablets:

1. Portable.

Excuse me. Laptops are heavy. Even the ones that aren’t supposed to be heavy are kind of heavy, let’s be honest. They’re also pretty big, and don’t always fit comfortably into your bag. A tablet, on the other hand, is light, small, and slips easily into your purse or backpack.

Tablets these days also pack just about the same amount of computing power, and tablets like the HP ElitePad, HP Pro, and HP Pro Slate are built to have enough memory and power to be able to get the job done just as well as a laptop, and then be on-the-go entertainment when you’re not working.

2. Touchscreen.

We’re humans with hands, and we’re used to just doing things with them. That’s why touchscreen devices are so much more intuitive for us and easier to use. Yes, you can get a laptop with a touchscreen like the HP ENVY 15 and 17 series laptops, but you’ll end up paying more for it. A tablet gives you the advantage of touchscreen without having to pay a premium for it.

3. Convertible.

There are going to be times when you want to do some writing on your device, whether it’s writing emails or working on the next great American novel. No matter how much you like touchscreens, it’s pretty widely accepted that keyboards are just easier to deal with when it comes to writing – and this is one reason many people go for laptops instead of tablets.

But I’ve got news: tablets can double as laptops if you just get a keyboard! With some types of tablets, like the iPad and the Microsoft Surface, you can grab a keyboard to go with your tablet when you buy it. You can also go the detachable keyboard route with a tablet like the HP Pro x2 tablet, which comes with a detachable power keyboard. This way, you can have a tablet when you want one, and a laptop when you want one.

4. Apps.

Using a tablet means you can use all the apps you love and work on your computer without carrying around 2 separate devices. All HP tablets have direct access to Google Play so you can download and use your favorite apps on the go. And because you can get free 4G access with select HP tablets, you don’t even have to worry about connecting to wifi.

5. Affordability.

When it comes to buying new tech, you already know you’re going to drop a pretty penny on whatever you buy, but of course you still want to get a good deal. And in the end a tablet delivers everything you’re looking for in a new device without forcing you to spend your entire paycheck.

Let’s face it: tablets are just plain cheaper than laptops. In fact, HP’s 8-inch tablets start at only $149, and even the 10-inch tablets, which are ideal for work and entertainment, start at just $249. Besides the already affordable price, you can also use an HP coupon code to save an extra chunk of change on your new tablet.

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