The 10 Best Celebrity Super Bowl Commercials

For people who are less than enthusiastic about watching the Super Bowl (that’s football, right?), there’s still one major reason to tune into the Big Game. That would be the commercials! Every year, companies shell out big bucks to get some seconds during airtime. Because brands will do anything it takes to sell their products, they often snag celebrities to do the shilling - which makes for some memorable and fun commercials! Here are the 10 best celebrity Super Bowl ads!

1. Britney Spears - Pepsi

Remember the days when Britney Spears was the reigning pop princess? Back in 2002, Britney’s Pepsi commercial debuted with a retro imagining of the singer in various decades. At almost 1 minute and 30 seconds, it’s one of the longer Super Bowl ads - the better to showcase off Miss Spears dancing and singing (?) abilities of course.

2. Jay-Z - Budweiser

Although I’m not completely clear what’s happening in this commercial (they’re playing virtual football?), Jay-Z would probably look cool doing pretty much anything...even starring in a kinda weird Budweiser ad back in 2007.

3. Betty White - Snickers

Betty White is America’s sweetheart for a reason. She’s adorable and consistently hilarious! In 2010, she starred in a Snickers ad. The ad got a lot of press since it shows Betty getting tackled to the ground in a football play. Funny and silly in the best way!

4. Kim Kardashian - Carl’s Jr.

Carl’s Jr. have always tried to up the sexy factor in their ads - remember those Paris Hilton commercials back in the day? Well, in 2011, Kim got dirty (kinda) while promoting their new salad. Makes sense since Kim K. is famous for doing anything to make a buck. However, watching her eat that salad made me not want to eat it ever. Go figure.

5. David Beckham - H&M

In 2012, H&M decided to release a decidedly steamy ad with soccer superstar David Beckham wearing nothing but some skivvies. After watching the video, I can’t help thinking it’s a little hot in here, right?

6. Paula Abdul and Elton John - Diet Coke

Celebrities always draw a big viewership for Super Bowl ads, so why not add 2 in the same commercial? Diet Coke made an awesome ad starring 2 of the pop world’s biggest talents at the time in 1990 - Elton John and Paula Abdul. Not only do you get to see the stars wearing matching red suits, you also get to see Paula dancing on a giant piano. I mean, really, what else do you need?

7. Jessica Simpson - Pizza Hut

Jessica Simpson has been Pizza Hut’s most famous spokesperson, so they capitalized on her “Dukes of Hazzard” fame and her cover of “These Boots Were Made for Walkin’” for this 2006 ad. It’s slightly weird - is she flirting with an underage boy? - but it does make pizza bites sound kinda tasty.

8. Brad Pitt - Heineken

In 2005, one of the hottest stars, Brad Pitt, and a famous director, David Fincher (on the hot list right now for “Gone Girl”) teamed up to make this Heineken commercial. I guess Brad doesn’t mind braving the crazy paparazzi crowds if he can just get his hands on a beer.

9. Beyonce, Pink, and Britney Spears - Pepsi

Pepsi is always a fan of super-sizing their commercials, and this one from 2004 lasts around 3 minutes. It’s a star-studded gladiator-themed extravaganza starring Pink, Beyonce, and Britney Spears (and Enrique Iglesias as the emperor?). This ad will go down in the history books for bringing 3 of pop’s biggest voices together in one sexy version of “We Will Rock You.”

10. Michael J. Fox - Diet Pepsi

There’s nothing better than a vintage ad! This one from 1987 features a super young Michael J. Fox doing everything he can to score a Diet Pepsi for his lady friend. Although the picture is a little fuzzy, you can still make out Fox’s charm in his Alex P. Keaton days.

Now, just tune into the Super Bowl on Sunday for even more amazing commercials!

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