The 10 Best Gifts For Coffee Lovers

Know someone who is just nuts about coffee? Who really can’t function in the morning until they get their fix? Whether you understand their love for the bean or not, you should indulge their caffeine addiction with one of these great coffee lover gifts. As a coffee lover myself, I’d be happy to get any one of these gifts (hint, hint).


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If they already have a drip coffee maker, a percolator, and an espresso machine, then the Aeropress is the perfect gift for your favorite coffee lover. This press uses hot water and gentle air pressure to produce the perfect, rich cup of coffee without bitterness. They’ll love the flavor, and, come on – it looks cool, too!

Cafe Britt Gourmet Gifts


If you want to give the gift of gourmet coffee, then a Cafe Britt coffee gift bag is just the thing. They have lots of choices, from single-origin coffee samplers to gourmet gifts from Colombia, Costa Rice, and more. Make sure you use a coupon code to save on your gift shopping.

CraftCoffee Subscription Box


What could be better for a coffee lover than a box of gourmet coffee that appears on the doorstep every month? A coffee subscription box is the perfect gift that keeps on giving, and will keep your favorite coffee lover happy all year round. Sign up for a gift subscription at and get free shipping.

Autoseal Travel Mug

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Every coffee lover wants only one thing: to have coffee by their side at all times. This autoseal travel mug makes it possible, and will probably outshine all the other travel mugs they’ve tried. Usually travel mugs are a mess of spilled coffee, but this one seals automatically when you’re done sipping, keeping spills at bay.

Peets Coffee Connoisseur Sampler


Not sure what specific kind of coffee your favorite coffee lover prefers? You’re always safe giving a Connoisseur Sampler from Peets Coffee. Peets Coffee is known for being high-quality, yet affordable, and the sampler will let them try different roasts and types, and maybe discover a new favorite!

French Press

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If they’re still using a Mr. Coffee drip coffee maker or the like, please, just do the coffee lover in your life a favor and get them a french press. Their coffee will come out much more flavorful, and they’ll definitely thank you for it! You can find a good-quality Bodum french press at

Gold Plated Coffee Filter

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If you don’t have the cash to give your coffee-loving friend a really fancy espresso machine or french press, you can help them take their drip coffee game up a few notches with a gold-plated coffee filter. The gold plating is non-reactive, which means they’ll be able to only taste the pure flavor of the coffee, not the chemicals of the filter.

Vacuum Coffee Saver


Keeping your coffee fresh is a constant struggle for every coffee addict. Some people say keeping it in the freezer is the best idea, others say it’s not. In general, the less air that reaches the coffee, the better – which is why this vacuum coffee saver is the perfect gift for coffee lovers.

Biscoff Biscuits & Cookie Mug


Does your coffee-loving friend also have a sweet tooth? The very best cookies to pair with coffee are Biscoff biscuits, so gift them this lovely glass jar of Biscoff biscuits to go with their precious coffee. Even better, you can give them this cute Cookie Monster mug to hold their biscuits while they’re enjoying a hot cuppa. Perfect!

Starbucks Gift Card


If you’re really at a loss, a Starbucks gift card is always a welcome gift for any coffee lover. Besides getting their fix for free, your favorite coffee lover can also keep the gift card, reload it, and earn free drinks in the future. And free is everyone’s favorite price.

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