The 10 Best Unique Baby Shower Gifts

Got a baby shower to attend? You’re probably sick of gifting the same ol’ shower standbys - bottles, Diaper Genies, and onesies. Although every new mom needs these essentials, you might want to step outside the box and give a creative baby shower gift that everyone will be wishing they had brought! So, check out this list of unique baby shower gifts for that special mom (and baby) in your life!

1. Baby Bullet Food Prep System

If you know a mom that wants to stay all-natural with her baby’s feedings, this Baby Bullet Complete Baby Food Prep System is a favorite for a lot of new parents. Available at Target for just $59, it comes with all the tools needed to prepare and preserve baby foods, including 2 blend blades for mixing food, bowls, and storage cups. It even comes with a cookbook for some great baby food recipes!

2. Nursery Projector and Sound System

New parents always want to make sure their babies are sleeping well at night (since that means they might just get some sleep too!). This Munchkin Nursery Projector and Sound System from Amazon is only $19, and provides the baby with Mozart lullabies and a soft nightlight that is super helpful when parents have to make nighttime visits to the nursery.

3. Baby Cry Analyzer

A lot of parents struggle to figure out why their baby is crying. Are they hungry? Do they need to be changed? This WhyCry Mini Baby Cry Analyzer from Amazon is surprisingly accurate, and lets parents know whether the baby is hungry, sleepy, annoyed, stressed, or just bored. For $52, this could end up being a lifesaver for the parents’ sanity!

4. Personalized Board Book

There’s so much to commemorate when a new baby comes into the world. Why not give new parents a special book that they can read to their newborns? I See Me offers the “Hello World” personalized board book for just $29, and you can customize it with the name of the baby. You can even snag a discount at checkout to save on the final price of the book!

5. Real Baby Food Recipe Book

Parents who want to keep to a natural diet for their baby might not know where to start. “Real Baby Food: Easy, All-Natural Recipes for Your Baby and Toddler” by Jenna Helwig is a great compilation of recipes that offers ideas on everything from purees to full meals. The book is only $13, and making food this way will also save parents money!

6. ID Bracelet Frame

One of the most special moments for new parents is right after their baby is born. Help them hold onto that memory with this thoughtful ID Bracelet Frame from Personal Creations. The silver frame includes a place for the baby’s ID bracelet, their name, and a picture. You can also grab a discount coupon to save on the $24.99 price tag!

7. Mustela Bath Set

New parents can be apprehensive about what bath products to use on their newborns. Help take the guesswork out with this awesome Mustela Must Haves Bath Set from Sephora. The set comes with cleansing fluid, body lotion, hair and body wash, and facial cleansing cloths that are all perfect for newborns. It even comes with a plush teddy bear to help entertain the baby during bath time! The best part? The set is only $22!

8. Receiving Blanket and Gift Set offers this fun Recieving Blanket and Gift Set, with a striped blanket and a cuddly giraffe. You can choose from 3 different colors for just $36 (or use a coupon code at checkout!). They’re both made from organic cotton, so the baby is sure to love the softness!

9. Baby Care Timer

Sleep-deprived parents often can’t keep track of when they’ve done feedings or changings. This awesome Itzbeen Baby Care Timer from Amazon (for just $22.95) is a great way to remember all the important details in the baby’s care. It’s also a great tool for babysitters or day care providers to see exactly what’s going on in the baby’s life.

10. Diaper Organizer

It can be hard to stay organized when you have a new baby. Help the new parents out by gifting this Munchkin Diaper Duty Organizer from Amazon. For $16.99, the plastic tabletop organizer has room to hold diapers, ointments, and wipes. It even comes with 12 scented diaper bags! Parents will have no idea how much they need this until they start using it!

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