The 13 Best New TV Shows to Watch This Winter

With blizzards raging outside, now is the perfect time to hunker down and watch some good TV. Luckily, there are several exciting shows premiering in the next couple of months that are sure to make you not mind being housebound. Check out these 13 best new TV shows to watch during the upcoming winter months!

1. The Odd Couple

The famous 1970s comedy about 2 opposite roommates is getting a remake starting February 19 on CBS. This time around the sitcom stars Matthew Perry (“Friends”) as huge slob Oscar and Thomas Lennon (“Reno 911”) as straight-laced Felix. Although Perry has yet to break the “Friends” curse with a hit TV show, this remake could breathe new life into his career - especially because of the fantastic roster of co-stars (including Wendell Pierce and Yvette Nicole Brown, from “Treme” and “Community,” respectively).

2. Allegiance

Are you a fan of espionage shows like “The Americans” and “Homeland”? Then, you’ll love this inside look into the thrilling world of spies, starring Hope Davis and Scott Cohen on NBC. Starting February 5, you’ll definitely get drawn into the world of two Russian spies living in America who are activated on a new mission. The real clincher? Their son just so happens to work for the CIA - which could certainly make for a tense Thanksgiving.

3. American Crime

The TV world has fallen in love with presenting one-crime stories that take place over the course of a season (a la “Gracepoint”). ABC is taking a crack at the genre with this intense drama starring Felicity Huffman, Timothy Hutton, and Penelope Ann Miller. Premiering March 5, the story starts with a young couple being attacked in their home. With the husband dead, the consequences of the crime result in rising socioeconomic and racial tensions in the town. With this cast, some Emmy love is almost certain.

4. Secrets and Lies

Although this set-up may seem similar to the above mentioned “American Crime,” this drama (premiering on March 1 on ABC) instead follows the murder of a little boy through the eyes of the main suspect (Ryan Phillipe) and the detective (Juliette Lewis) investigating the case. This 10-episode series will be solved by the final episode, so tune in to make sure you don’t miss any of the suspenseful action.

5. Battle Creek

Loved “Breaking Bad”? Then, you’ll enjoy this new CBS procedural drama from its creator, Vince Gilligan. The show (premiering March 1) follows two disparate detectives who are partnered up to fight crime in Michigan. With charismatic stars Josh Duhamel (“Transformers”) and Dean Winters (“Rescue Me”) and expert showrunner David Shore (“House”), “Battle Creek” promises to be more than just your average cop show.

6. Fresh Off the Boat

When this ABC comedy premieres on February 10, it’s sure to get people talking. Much like the network’s other new comedy, “blackish,” “Fresh Off the Boat” will bring up discussions of race in America. The story surrounds an Asian family trying to assimilate in the 1990s, and although the show’s title is a little un-PC, it’s refreshing to see a comedy from a new voice like Eddie Huang (whose memoir the show is based on). (Side note: the lead actor, Randall Park, recently played President Kim in “The Interview”!)

7. Last Man on Earth

Remember how great Will Forte was when he went dramatic in 2013’s “Nebraska”? Well, he’s gearing up for another dark comedy in this FOX show, airing March 1. It takes place in a post-apocalyptic future, where Forte must search for other surviving humans. Although it may sound bleak, Forte (one of the best “Saturday Night Live” alumni) has a knack for injecting humor into his projects.

8. Better Call Saul

One of the most anticipated shows in 2015 is this prequel to the beloved “Breaking Bad.” The AMC series (starting February 8) will follow criminal lawyer Saul Goodman’s antics defending some of Albuquerque's biggest bad guys (before Walter White came onto the scene). Fans are anxiously awaiting the return of actor Bob Odenkirk’s spot-on humor - and there might even be some tie-ins and cameos related to “Breaking Bad.” Still not over the fact that the show is over? Buy some gear at TV Store Online to help ease the pain. You’ll feel even better when you snag a discount too!

9. One Big Happy

Not many people know more about comedy than Ellen Degeneres. So, this upcoming NBC comedy (premiering March 17), executive-produced by the comedian, is sure to deliver lots of laughs. It stars Elisha Cuthbert (“Happy Endings”) as a lesbian who decides to have a baby with her male best friend - who then ends up getting engaged to his girlfriend. It might sound complicated - but some of the funniest comedy results from wacky situations like this one.

10. iZombie

It’s understandable if you’re sick of zombies - the “Walking Dead” obsession is everywhere. But this unique take on the genre should hold your interest. Rose McIver (“Once Upon a Time”) stars as a young woman who becomes a zombie and must eat the brains of the dead in order to survive. The twist? She absorbs the memories held within the brains and uses that info to solve crimes! This zany series from the CW (starting March 17) comes from “Veronica Mars” creator Rob Thomas, so it’s sure to have some super smart writing.

11. Younger

Broadway fans will love this new TV Land series starring Tony Award-winner Sutton Foster (RIP “Bunheads”) as a 40-year-old woman who pretends to be 26 to get back into the career world after having a child. With Hilary Duff co-starring and Darren Star (“Sex and the City”) producing, this series (airing March 31) should easily find an eager audience.

12. The Slap

Ever thought about what would happen if you disciplined someone else’s child? “The Slap,” an 8-part series on NBC, explores the repercussions of one person physically disciplining another person’s child at a birthday party. Much drama ensues, but the real reason to watch this show (premiering February 12) is the stellar cast, including Peter Sarsgaard, Uma Thurman, Melissa George, and Zachary Quinto.

13. The Royals

Of course with all these dramas premiering, you’re probably going to need a good guilty pleasure. Enter “The Royals,” E!’s first scripted-drama that will start airing March 15. Starring Elizabeth Hurley, the show follows a fictional royal family that definitely gets themselves into a good deal of trouble. E! certainly has a lot of faith that this show will be a hit - they’re already renewed it for a second season before the first episode has even aired!

So, snuggle up, get cozy, and tune into these shows that are guaranteed to keep you entertained!

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